Monday, October 3, 2011

How To Hold A G20 Summit Real Cheap

Every thing, 'tis said, must have a cause; for if anything wanted a cause, it wou'd produce itself; that is, exist before it existed; which is impossible.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, p. 80

If you live in one of the great cities of one of the G20 nations, you know how much trouble a G20 summit can cause. The blocked traffic, the restricted areas, and last, but hardly least, the inevitable demonstrations. At the end of the summit, you wonder, if it might be better not to be a G20 member nation!

Hold the next G20 here...

These events are always thrown by the government of the hosting nation. In Canada recently this lead to a wack of problems. Well a train wreck in all cold reality. You just can't expect a bunch of social Darwinists to throw a cosmopolitan world class event. Take for example the 2010 G20 Toronto summit. The end cost was over one billion dollars! For one freakin' weekend! The civil liberties of Ontario citizens were suspended for the duration of the summit. There was incredible property damage and many arrests. Practically all the charges were dropped for the evil doers. Funny that...

Who needs this shit?

The fallout is still reverberating. The "Minister" in charge, one Tony "Two Tier" Clement, the minister of Treasury Board, just went nuts with his bag of nickels. It has been, as of today, one hundred and sixteen days that he does not have the balls to stand to his seat in the House of Commons and answer the questions of his seeming irregularities from the very curious opposition. He is all but done. The police investigation continues. It was so nuts and out of control that there are stories of Muskoka town councilors refusing any more Olympic civil structures. Just try to imagine that....

Summit here, Do it till you puke!!

It is all fine and very much fun to bitch. But the trick is come up with a solution. And the Oracle of Ottawa believes he has the solution for all future G20 summits. Hold them at sea! For instance when the summits are in the United States or Great Britain they can be held on an aircraft carrier. For the rest of the hosting countries, it would be much cheaper and more secure for every one involved to simply charter a cruise ship!
All these platforms are big enough for the leaders and a very large press contingent, and with the communication technology of today, filing the latest breaking news is a total doddle! The cost would be in the tens of millions and they could stay at it for weeks! No democratic nation should be burned down for a billion dollar weekend.

Now a 116 days and counting...

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