Monday, October 24, 2011

Tips For Tourists To Canada

Since truth and falsity are opposites, falsity is to be found where it is natural for truth to be. It occupies the space reserved for truth.
Alexander Broadie, The Oxford Companion To Philosophy, p. 47

It is the hope of every civilized man that he will have one good idea or perform one service that will live on after he is gone. Canada is quickly becoming another place. It will soon be no longer the peaceable kingdom that I have known all my life. This is a heads up for all the high dollar tourists from the European Union and countries of the British Commonwealth. People coming from South America, Asia, and all you Talliban lads coming home for leave will be right at home in the new Canada.
Pack this! Essential for travel in Canada!!

We now have a right wing conservative government that is more crazy than the two terms of George W. Bush! The omnibus crime bill is now in second reading and is all but a done deal. Six plants or six seeds, will get you over ten years. Mandatory sentence, no appeal. This week apparently, the long gone registry legislation is planned to be introduced. You will not have to register most long guns such as rifles and shotguns. The Federal Conservatives have let it be known in the House of Commons that the present registry databases will not be turned over to Provinces that want to start a provincial gun registry! You can watch the actual footage of the senile Vic Toews say so to the members, live on CPAC. We are suffering the beginnings of a total social breakdown.

Rent the LAV III instead of an ordinary car...

Early in the new year, anyone will be able to go into any hardware store or big name box store produce cash and walk out with a fire arm. It is all as simple as that. Of course when this starts there will be no safe place. I feel that is my responsibility to warn you  to pack a very good quality bullet proof vest. If possible avoid renting an ordinary car. I strongly recommend the LAV III which will provide decent armour protection up to the .50 calibre size.... Better yet, I would strongly suggest that you make other arrangements if at all possible. This will be certainly be no place to honeymoon or to bring a family to.

Pack one of these - we can't take care of you....

The Oracle of Ottawa has lived a good life and has many pleasant memories of his trips to what is today the European Union. I had a wonderful time, and I really feel obligated to warn you guys away. This is not the worst of it I am afraid to tell you dear reader. There is still the Baby-Port legislation to be introduced. Probably early in the new year. If you want a detailed understanding of this upcoming legislation just get a copy of The Hand Maid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. you will pretty well have the whole picture after reading the book. Then, after that, it is rumoured that the Sharia Law Family Values Bill will be tabled, another omnibus piece of legislation designed to wring any remaining vestiges of liberality from Canadian society...

Soon every mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, social darwinist will be armed to the teeth! You have been warned..

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