Saturday, October 29, 2011

Save A Beaver - Ditch A Tory!

The greatest works of art speak to us without knowing of us.
Alain de Botton, The Consolations of Philosophy, p.200

Are even the Senators of the 'Harper Government' sock puppets? Lately you know its Friday in Canada when you can expect a another brain-wave press release from the Prime Ministers Office. They always sneak them out on the slow news days or when they think you and I aren't really focused in and listening. Even while I heard the pitch I came quickly to the conclusion that Senator Nicole Eaton probably didn't even write that stupid piece of insanity! It was a proposal by some American evangelical contractor to the PMO hoping for the finders fee of working the polar bear into some kind of public private partnership with Disneyland!

Save a beaver - Ditch a Tory!

The whole idea of ditching the beaver for the polar bear is totally insane. Many of us Canadians with more than half a brain, i.e., those of us that are not Tory's,  prefer not to have our National symbols dinked with in  any manner or fashion, at any time. This is the same crowd that utterly flinch's when we here steve stand up in public and start spouting about Canada becoming an American style "world power". Hegemony is a total pain in the ass! And it is real expensive and usually leaves only a legacy of ashes! Ask all the families that lost their flesh and blood in stinking Afganistan! 

The Canadian people don't need some pathetic socialite with nothing better to do then color coordinate our National Symbols! The poor thing is going to be the laughing stock of the Senate Chamber until she "retires" or becomes senile! Perhaps the poor dear is suffering from "early onset" dementia as it is! This ain't the Royal Ontario Museum sweet heart. 

Did you know dear readers what colour a polar bear is under that white fur? Seriously, if you shaved a polar bear you will find that he is jet black! From the tip of his nose to his tail end! Which makes the Oracle of Ottawa think that this might a conspiracy of several present cabinet ministers who get blinking bung hole at the thought of the national symbol being able to do them like a big black...

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