Sunday, October 23, 2011

The 'Harper Government' Chews Its Nuts

With deregulation, one sector of the economy after another is "liberated" to capital's unmonitored authority. The very notion that there is a public interest is contested. 
Herbert Schiller, Living In The Number One Country,  p. 92

It was Wednesday, October 19, 2011 that I first heard news of the "bizarre" exchange in the House Of Commons daily Question Period. The word was out about a statement that Pat Martin of the NDP made. Something about a beaver chewing its own nuts off...Of course, whenever Question Period is REAL good the lads at CPAC seem to be about a day or two late posting the stream. Why is that do you think?

Pat Martin - Winnipeg-Centre

It all left the Oracle of Ottawa feeling vaguely uneasy. This gradual selling out to the Yanks, I heard a story like this a few years ago, but I just can't exactly place it... Any way here for verbatim is the statement by the awesome and ballsy Pat Martin:

Mr Speaker; Folklore has it that the Canadian Beaver will bite off its own testicles when it is threatened and offer them up to its tormentors, but I think Mr. Speaker, that is a fitting metaphor for the way our Canadian Government reacts to bullying by trade issues by carving off pieces of our nation and offering it over to the Americans.....

This whole nightmare as it is now unfolding was used in something I had seen or read somewhere... Then tonight it came to me...I even lucked out and found a clip of the said scenario on You-Tube and I have placed it at the end of this post to jog the collective Canadian memory. who ever thought that the day would actually come....

Now tell me that this has not come to pass or is now in the process of coming to pass, the actual game plan is a little different, wheat instead of the water... I told you so.... Sounds just like the modern present Harper, Bilderberg Group, New World Order play book don't it?

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