Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thieving Tory Bastards - Leave The Board Alone!

There are so many ways in which language can be used to manipulate an audience. One obvious way is to simply lie.
Randal Marlin, Propaganda & The Ethics Of Persuasion, p. 107

The Canadian Wheat Board is not just another monolithic Canadian institution, it is an institution that defines what Canada was born from, what Canada is, the very essence of what we were, are and hopefully, will continue to be, as a sovereign people and nation. The Canadian Wheat Board is a monument to those who have gone before us, an endowment to all of us alive today, and a legacy for those who will follow.

Triticum durum

The thieving Tory bastards in present supreme power in Ottawa are convinced that no one east of the Manitoba border knows anything about the Board and would be shocked even more that many people care!
I think the Tory contracted spin doctors and fart catchers, all assorted, did not do their homework very well if at all! If they did, they would have found that the Board has huge "brand" in all parts of Canada!

They would have discovered, that for any one educated, for example, in the 1960's, knows pretty well the basic history of the Board and why it is important. They would describe the memory of watching the old black and white NFB footage projected from 16mm film (!) in a darkened class room. As a matter of fact the Oracle of Ottawa still gets the goose bumps at how clear it is all coming back, creepy! Another wave, and more memories, of sitting on a huge willow stump in the backyard of where I grew up, with a very up close view of Moffat Crossing where the Oracle of Ottawa watched with his numerous siblings, the huge freight trains that moved through pretty often back then. This was the first time I saw the logo of the CWB! Some times over a hundred cars long. And full, we watched as the steel rails sagged vertically as the train roared through, we guessed at near sixty miles an hour. We kids didn't know where it was coming from or where it was going exactly, but we were told that there would be thousands and thousands of people that would not experience famine twice in their lifetimes...

The times that gave birth to the CWB...

The Oracle of Ottawa does not have to be told from a transplanted Calgarian that Canada is a world power. I knew that when he was still a brat in Toronto. The Oracle of Ottawa is just old enough to have known many people in his lifetime that lived through the Great Depression. As recently as a few years ago I meet one extraordinary old girl right here, not far from my secure bunker, who was 95 at the time and had very clear recollections indeed of growing up in the West during the Great Depression. Television and books just do not do some momentous events any justice what so ever! To hear some one near 100 years old describe to you the dust storms, Father hooking the horse to the car. (Yes the Bennet buggy was real.) The crops you couldn't sell, if you were lucky enough to get to harvest them...The Hobos, the want and the misery, that at times seemed like a laughing Satan descending on a Paradise Lost. That was a "memory project" that the present day thieving bastard Tories wouldn't dare touch.

"Why don't the thieving bastards leave the Board alone?"

(Note: The Oracle of Ottawa could possibly be available for speech writing, at much less than $120,000 per shot!)

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