Thursday, October 27, 2011

No Budget Cuts At CBC This Year

And grace that won who saw to wish her stay. 
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book VIII, Line 43

How many mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, social Darwinist Conservative voters sit around the table at the local Tim Horton's are asking each other, ever so hopefully, how gay there local candidate is?  Rick Mercer in one of his recent rants is certainly going to break the hearts of many Tory voters and disappoint  many old ladies, in countless rural church halls!

CBC - Fear not fans!

How will it go down in Ducks Ass Alberta when they find their glory boy minister, the self proclaimed paragon of "family values", is in reality a most aggressive, foaming at the mouth, hind grinder? It all so remains to be seen. But you can count on it, that none of them will come out voluntarily! And nothing is so powerful as a prominent gay type chipping at his peers.

This is a weakness of the 'Harper Government' that I did not expect to come under scrutiny so soon in this mandate. And Rick mercer in his suicide rant is not shooting the shit when he says he knows (of?) cabinet ministers, why the Oracle of Ottawa can name at least four front line cabinet ministers. But I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for the local riding associations and next years Oil and Gas show.

You can be assured that all this is going to cause some very weird shit to go down, forgive the pun, in the days and the months ahead. There is no country in the G20 that reeks of puss oozing hypocrisy more than Canada. And to see the offending boil lanced and exploding in all directions is going to be very much enjoyed. Plus all of us fans of the "state broadcaster" will have nothing to fear in the far foreseeable future as regards to CBC funding. I am sure all the pieces are in the can and just ready and waiting to be aired....

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