Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Arab Spring Comes To Wall Street And The New World

There is nothing more nervous than a million dollars - it moves very fast, and it doesn't speak any language.
Jean Chretien, My Years As Prime Minister, p. 364

It comes as a great surprise and shock to the Oracle of Ottawa that the Occupy Wall Street protests are in fact another import of foment from Canada! Well actually I am somewhat miffed, I mean with the Perimeter Security Deal all but done, how was it all possible? It seems that what ever can't possibly happen in the United States must originate in a "foreign" land. And Canada is the smartest neighbor nearby. None of this stuff can originate in Mexico, I mean really, the Americans still have some pride left. Don't they?

The Bull yields to the pigs...

It is amazing how similar this Wall Street demonstration is to the one that recently took place in Egypt. No leaders, just a lot of i-phones and a lot of very pissed and desperate people. The state seems to be reacting in the same way that the deposed Egyptian state first reacted in the early days of their demise. I wonder if they will have a camel charge just before the end? And come to think of it, I wonder if the "Harper Government", our government of the Bilderberg Groups little helpers, will still be laughing after the process starts at the location our once great financial institutions? Mikey Moore said there would someday be days like this!!

Nicely said and well...very nice!!

What is going to happen when the real big unions get involved? I figure the Teamsters will kick in large and this event will mark the resurrection and / or birth of the New Labor! When they start happening in Canada this month I strongly suspect that the Canadian Autoworkers will be huge and center! Why the Oracle of Ottawa is feeling better all ready!
Tomorrow will be different from today...
  As per history, that nasty one percent is not taking this at all seriously! It as all but a doddle soon to peter out, and then business as usual. I am certain that these people are in for a very nasty shock, not soon to be forgotten. Perhaps this will move Congress in the United States to pass the Presidents work legislation? One thing that we can be certain of that this is going to take off and the world will not be the same as the world of today.

Why does this make me think of the French Revolution?

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