Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baird - Lebel Tells: There Goes The Majority!!

'Tis impossible for the mind to preserve any notion of difference betwixt two bodies of the same nature existing in the same place at the same time.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, p. 41

When Olivia Chow stands to her seat in Question Period and all but losses her still strong Chinese accent and sounds like a matron that was born and raised Rosedale, you know the NDP smell blood! They smell the weakness and the fear like a pack of wolves which can tell which moose in the herd will be dinner tonight! Now group this with the blatant and oh so transparent tells of the front bench Conservative sock-puppet mental midgets and it is very easy indeed for most any blogger, even those that are not as intelligent as the Oracle of Ottawa, to immediately start writing about the future in advance of a minimum of two weeks!

Conservative Minister...

You know that the opposition has touched the royal blue g-spot when the old tells start to show. This was very apparent in the question period of September 27, 2011. All that stuff that the NDP and the Liberals are saying about "Two Tier" Tony Clement must be true! When ever they ask "Two Tier" a question in the House, the Minister fails to stand to his seat and be forthright with the people of Canada! Charlie Angus is feeding like Jaws at an orphanage beach day! It is the great man John Baird that takes the questions for old Tony. And during the Tuesday Question Period Minister Baird was talking very slowly and his voice has dropped two and a half octaves! All us old hands of watching Question Period knows what this means! The answer forthcoming is an answer, just not the truth...And it seems to be spreading! It seems that Minister Denis Lebel, in utter panic, has forgotten how to speak English under certain question topics about major infrastructure! This  blog writer surmises that it is the Ministers conflict with his inner PQ...Selling out can extract a large price bonhomme!!
Charlie Angus - Ready for Question Period...

It is hard to believe, but it all gets better! It seems the real right wing wacko's are stirring in their usual pathological frustration. One Brad Trost has unloosed Steve Harpers favorite ghost from the Tory hope chest. Yes that, "no abortion for any reason", hell cat has been re-loosed! Complete with the "resurrection" of one Charles McVety, I told the party whip that they should have used two stones to keep him from rising from the dead, but noooo...Sometimes a savings is no bargain. The majority should start to shrink any day now, just like I told you months ago.

And now Let Us Pray, my fellow Canadians, really, I am not joking...

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