Saturday, December 3, 2011

International Bank Fraud: A Crime Against Humanity?

A society is a cooperative venture for the mutual advantage of its members.
Nicholas Barr, Economics Of The Welfare State, p. 42

What is the difference between a black man in Africa in a uniform, carrying a gun, that devastates his society, and a white guy in a suit, with a briefcase in the West, that devastates his society with "free and open markets" and toxic derivative financial instruments? A Crime Against Humanity is defined as a:  " particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of one or more human beings." Now we all know that millions of Americans are now living somewhere else, that once lived in seeming detached home luxury. Some, a very large percentage, some say, that will never escape "The Whole Year Inn" in this lifetime.

International Criminal Court

What about all the members of the European Union countries that have been devastated by credit agencies a continent away that are full of operatives from the Bilderberg Group and the many other secret and nefarious secret societies? Have you realized that all countries that have a social society more advanced than in the United States of America, seemed all of a sudden to be, overnight, a poor credit risk? Funny that...

ICC - The Hague

What about elected governments in a democracy that have been discovered to favor secret corporate friends to the detriment to the people that elected them? Could this not also be construed to be a crime against humanity? If the International Criminal Court existed in the 1930's, would the world be a different place today? With the advent of stateless and literally homeless vagabond Multinational Corporations that operate all over the world with , at present, absolute impunity, perhaps it is time to broaden the mandate of the International Criminal Court? Perhaps any bank or government that operates in a country that supports the International Criminal Court should automatically be under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. In short order any country that did not sign the Treaty, is in reality, a failed state waiting to happen.

Something to look into??

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