Saturday, December 10, 2011

'Harper Government' - More Darkness...

The standard gets lower every year, but the scum keeps rising.
Hunter S. Thompson, Better Than Sex, p. 226

There were no high points in the House of Commons last week dear reader. So the Oracle of Ottawa for the sake of journalistic pride will revert to the Conservative Party of Canada mode, and report the lowest points of the week past. Granted, it is more depressing, but it is very much easier! The major low point of the week past is the train wreck of the Attwawapiskat First Nation. The member of parliament for the region, Charlie Angus, even went hat in hand to the Minister of Indian Affairs John "Jethro" Duncan to let him know that this was going to blow wide open, and that any and all help would be required as soon as possible.. well of course you guessed it, the shit for brains minister wanted Charlie to get on his knees and give him a rim job first! The Filthy Tory Bastards had their chance to keep this within range and control...

The wolf is howling and
the hog is out of the

It wasn't like Charlie Angus doesn't have any thing else to do! I mean he only has this real small riding up in Northern Ontario. If you check it out, his riding only covers 249,626 square kilometers! His riding is bigger than all of Great Britain! Or all of the old West Germany and over half of what was East Germany combined! Ponder that dear reader! And the roads only go to the bottom southeast corner of the riding. If you want to see the rest, you gotta have sturdy wings motherfucker!! But that is the challenge and the magic of Canada.

Charlies "other" car...

When Jean Chretien was Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs, he just loved it! He called himself the Emperor of the North! He has stated many times that it was the most breathtaking job any modern man could possibly have. As you know Dear Reader, Jean went on to be Canada's 20th Prime Minister, and was a Three Termer! Being Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs can lead to great things. And John "Jethro" Duncan cashed his cheque forever in the first sitting...What a loser... But it all got worse as are all things that are tainted by anything Conservative...

Richard Nixon - The fact of the matter is...

Instead of copping; "its my first day at this big new job", Jethro Duncan decided to take out his embarrassment on the people of Attwapiskat by placing the community into third party receivership! That is when the government sends in an accountant to help a community get righted in times of trouble. But the Conservative brand of third party help is to send in somebody on "the(patronage?) list" at a rate of $300,000 a year! Or rather $1,300 a day! And to add insult to injury this will come out of the pockets of the people of Attwapiskat! That is the warm generous Conservative Party of Canada world.

"Steve" Harper - I am not a crook!

But it even gets sicker than that! The young associate Minister of Indian Affairs claimed that the Government of Canada was going to get value for money!!? Sounding like an American planter running a slave breeding plantation in the deep south! The Oracle of Ottawa damn near went into shock on that one. What is it that Western Canadians have against Aboriginal peoples? Every strain and sick variety of  Conservative has this absolute pathological hatred of these people and the duties of sticking to the costs and obligations of Treaties. We are going to lose many places in the next Human Development Index. As a matter of fact since the Conservative Government of Steve Harper we are on a slow and steady slide downward! In the Mulrooney and Chreitein years we were always in the top three spots, now for 2011, we are number six and dropping like a stone.

But there are worse things brewing for the 'Harper Government'. The Christmas retail sales figures are going to be a disaster. Wait for it! When you can find parking at every mall in Ottawa like it was late June in December, your retail ass is grass! Again frightened and pissed people do not buy things. And a very strange thing appeared on the local vulgar TV media on Friday afternoon. That nice solid psychophant police chief of Ottawa, Bubb'a Verne whats his name, a pal of the PMO, gave out a warning that we have quiet likely, in Ottawa, a serial killer or serial killers loose in Ottawa. But the good old boy wouldn't elaborate? But he did mention something about that the troubling events are so far traceable to 2006 and have been getting worse up till now. Now Dear Readers we all know that serial killing of women of lower social status in Canada is a Western thing, there is no argument on that from anyone! And who has been in  town since 2006 in ever increasing numbers? Correct! The Conservative Party of Canada! So all hookers and other pleasure givers now working Ottawa should always ask the prospective customer; "Who did you vote for in the last election?" It could save your life sweet heart!!

Charlie Angus blows it all wide open and schools John "Jethro"  Duncan!!

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