Monday, December 19, 2011

Evolution, Physics And the Death of Hockey

A man cannot become a child again, or he becomes childish.
Karl Marx, Grundrisse, p. 31
It is a truly great day when a big union pension fund puts the nuts to the corporate overlords. And this indeed was the case of the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan selling or rather dumping there interest in Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment. Yes Rogers and Bell got a hell of a deal for a mere 1.32 billion dollars! At first I didn't get it either. But upon some relaxed thinking about it, it all dawned on in a flash.

Hockey-Greece 500 B.C. Not a Canadian game at all!!

You no doubt have heard in the old style vulgar media of all the hazards of playing hockey today. Concussive brain injury, causing fatal life shortening brain degeneration. The guys at OTPP are just brilliant. They quietly realized after some thinking about thinking that the game of hockey is done for. The equipment has advanced incredibly quickly, the conditioning of the players is just insane and the speed of the game and the average size of the players has increased much faster than the ability of the actual human being to catch up! Hockey has reached the end of the road. Or it will shortly. Some very smart people saw the writing on the Zamboni and pushed the sell button. Just brilliant. The same thing goes for the basketball team. The average player height is now approaching seven freaking feet tall. In another few short years the average height of the players will no doubt be hitting eight feet. What will happen to the game of basket ball then? The scores will be like 300 points a side average and the guy could shoot down to score. The slam dunk will be from the midget era! Well maybe Bell and Rogers will get a risk free rate of return from the real estate. It all won't be a total loss.

The OTPP has done a lot of very smart stuff. Why they have more money than the 'Harper Government'! And they have true "market power", that is they have killed deals and made unlikely ones more than possible. Just imagine if they teamed up with CALPERS and OMERS. Why they could do what the 'Harper Government' couldn't even begin to dream to do.... Create a virtual workers state....

That asset value is now  107.5 billion! Someone knows what they are doing.....

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