Monday, December 5, 2011

Peter 'The Helo' MacKay

Virtually all ideologues, of any variety, are fearful and insecure, which is why they are drawn to ideologies that promise prefabricated answers for all circumstances.
Jane Jacobs, Dark Age Ahead, p. 115

If Peter MacKay had as much dick in his pants as he has stuck in the center of his face he really would be the cosmopolitan jet setting Liberal that he always dreamed he should be. You know, just like that avant garde stud about town, just like his hero of his heart of hearts, Pierre Elliot Trudeau!  But alas, the good minister comes from a Conservative political family dynasty, who at the merger with the dark force of the new Conservative Party of Canada , sold out all his future dreams of studdom! If he had been true to himself, why, he would still be doing "Belinda" or the love of his life "Condi"! Ah..Condi! But the good minister hails from Nova Scotia, and believe the Oracle of Ottawa, there are still severe"limits" in Nova Scotia.

Fuck it all Peter - It's never too late...

The only crime that Peter 'The Helo' really is guilty of is looking better than his boss Steve! And as the Oracle of Ottawa predicted just after the election, don't worry about a mere 11 seat majority! Why the holiday season has not even started yet and Peter Goldring has made the the great majority smaller by one. So now the majority is 10. With Peter MacKays resignation from caucus to sit as in independent, the majority will be down to 9! And the first session of the 41st Parliament is not nearly done yet! Well...

But the nut of the whole story is; who gave up Peter 'The Helo' MacKay? The Oracle of Ottawa has the answer. And you dear reader can check it out. Just go to CPAC and find the first Question Period video stream of when this said "scandal" broke. Look who is sitting to the right of Peter as the first bombshell question blew the whole thing open. Did you catch that power hard on smirk? Jesus, it makes the Oracle of Ottawa's skin crawl just to think of it, let alone watch it again... Who was that guy? Why it was old "Steve"! Goddamn it, the Afganistan mission is over and I don't need this pretty jerk off showing me up any more!!

[[Classified: Your Eyes Only!! cockpit transcription, Somewhere in deepest Newfoundland.]]

Pilot: Sweet thunder'in Jesus which shack is he in? Goddamn it, there at least five camps that I can see from here!
Co-Pilot: Why don't we turn on the FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) and home in on that cock on his face that he calls a nose? (laughter...)
Pilot: Fuck it! It's worth a try. Sar Tech! Flash up the FLIR! (more laughter...)
Sar Tech: Hot contact Sir! Five degrees to Port. About a mile and a half... (uncontrolled laughter...)
Pilot: Son of bitch! There he is!
Co-Pilot: Sar Tech! Prepare the gimp basket! And you are going down with it!
Sar Tech: Gee whiz Sir! Can't he ride the rope like a man?
Pilot: Stop your killing me... Make sure you tuck him in proper...(hysterical laughter...unintelligible...)

[[The transcription breaks off ...]]]

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