Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Symbolism Of Diane Finley

Conservatives insist that government should be " run more like a business." One might wonder how that could be possible, since government does not market goods and services for the purpose of capital accumulation. 
Michael Parenti, Democracy For The Few, (Sixth Edition),  p. 267

Another 'Harper Government' minister that really creeps the Oracle of Ottawa out is the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development! Yes, Diane "The Fly" Finley. She makes Dogbert the evil HR director look like a pussy cat. I have often wondered if she "wags" when she stands to her seat to answer a question in the House of Commons?  


For all of us that once earned a living in the real world, doesn't she just remind you of that idiot Human Resources type that thinks that there is no difference between government and business? To bad Karl Marx is not on the reading list at the Richard Ivey School of Business! I guess it is more important to get to the Hong Kong, China location to learn how to bow and kiss the ass's of the new masters of the universe... We really need an another upwardly wanna be that is going to "reinvent" government. MBA's have all but destroyed business in the Western world. It seems now that they are going to do all the governments! 

Remember! Don't use the air conditioner!!

It has been pretty entertaining watching the fly dodge angry questions in the House concerning the absolute meltdown of the Government of Canada service centers, that crumble to zero, the more she tries to make them more "efficient"! Why, when  she is done with them they will make a profit! (?) The Bilderberg Group certified management contractors are crafting together some excellent solutions! Yes sir! All provinces west of Manitoba will get connected lickity split to the call center in India and Pakistan, and all calls to Service Canada from provinces west of Ontario will be quickly served by the new Phillipines call center!!

And Diane Finley knows your time is money! Yes Sir! while you are waiting in the one hour minimum que, you will have a chance to get a real good deal on the 'Harper Government' Master of the Universe card! And when you sign up, you will get a $1,000 tax credit (non-refundable) to use on your tax return! Isn't that great?
And that is not including the introductory interest rate of 1.9% which after five minutes goes to 29.95%!! Yes the 'Harper Government' is going to guarantee to your "right to fail", every Conservatives dream and usual reality...

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