Monday, December 26, 2011

Get Well Soon Philip Edinburgh

If you stay here much longer, you'll all be slitty-eyed. 
Prince Philip, Interview with British students in China, 1986

The Oracle of Ottawa has always had a deep and abiding respect for old Phill. Just look at any of the footage of his Royal duties with Queen Elizabeth. There is never, ever one sign of him trying to upstage her. No ego, no power trips, not one sign of it ever. He created an heir and two spares, and a daughter to round every thing out for the balance in the official family portraits. Not one scandal that the press could run with. He has back stopped his woman all the way. The Oracle of Ottawa has high standards and for the life of me I can find no fault.

HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

After you have lived for over half a century Christmas is no longer a time of wonder. It soon becomes a time of worrying about which disaster will happen next! You know, that sister in law that you hope will not show up at the formal family dinner. You are bracing for not a great time, but rather just for the luck of survival! Then there are the parents that get stuck in the hospital for the holidays. And it is not that you are in any way put out, but is trying to keep them in their bed as they hate missing anything more then you do!

The Oracle of Ottawa has lived a very "interesting" life. Not even my significant other has a real idea of it all. And I keep it all pretty quiet. But when I was in "service" I heard many tales of what great company Old Phill really was and no doubt still is. It seems that he was an Honourary something or other in one or more Canadian Regiments, and was a guest at many Mess dinners. I have been informed that there is no greater company or more memorable evening, then one that had Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh in attendance. Much awed comment at the utter amount of spirit that he could consume and the enjoyment of the company of the lads was reverently relayed in hushed respect and memory. The conclusion was always Old Phill was a real Stand Up Guy. 

When the news flashed out on the BBC, which the Oracle always has on, I was really worried for the grand old man. Thanks to his security detail and the excellent household staff, he made it to the hospital with a lot of time to spare. The procedure of stenting an artery is all pretty common knowledge to the Oracle of Ottawa. What really surprised me, was to learn that he did over 300 public engagements this year! Geez! I thought they had labour laws in the United Kingdom! If there is any one that deserves to have his feet up and to slow down it has to be Old Phill! I really wish this grand old man a speedy and uncomplicated recovery. And all the best in his future light duty endeavours. 

Can you possibly imagine how boring it would all be without him?

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