Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Harper Government' - The Symbolism Of Alice Wong

Is the evil of changing constantly less than that of suffering?
Montesquieu, The Spirit Of The Laws, Book XXIX, Section 18

From the beginning of the 41st Parliament the Oracle of Ottawa has been conducting a little mental observational experiment. It is all part of my Thinking About Thinking Project. The major premise of this little sub experiment was to see if I could predict the outcome of various government departments and the effects of Canada's government policy simply by judging the capabilities of the Minister appointed to head the file. Well the first results are in and it all has pretty frightening implications...

Alice Wong - "You lazy seniors a gonna get it now!
No more pension, be a man, get job, like in China!!"

Upon hearing that the likes of Peter Kent, a grasping self serving whore of a talking head, was appointed as Minister of Environment, you could conclude that the environment was going to be of a very low priority in the 'Harper Government'. Upon the recent actions of the minister and Canada's exit from the Kyoto Protocol, it seems that my experimental way of thinking was a great success!

Well! Lets see if we can see more into the future using the same method? The Oracle of Ottawas attention has been caught by another unlikely cabinet posting that makes absolutely no sense to the Oracle of Ottawa, and I believe has dire predictive consequences to the people that are supposed to be served by the said minister. And that "agent" is one Alice Wong, who claims to have been born in Hong Kong and has only immigrated to Canada in 1980! (The great, rich rats leaving the sinking ship at any cost migration...remember?)  And now sits at the cabinet table at the highest level of power in the nation state of Canada! And has the file of Minister of State for Seniors? The "signaling" of the 'Harper Government' is simply breathtaking isn't it?

Now I don't know about you dear reader, but there is nothing a Chinaman can tell us in Canada about how to take care of Senior Citizens. As far as I know we have one of the best systems in the world for seasoned citizens. What makes me nervous is that the "minister" comes from a society that has practically no such safety net! I have provided a link to Hong Kong, and I could find no mention of social benefits for seniors? Where is the part on what the size of pensions a senior gets in Hong Kong? Is the 'Harper Government' trying to tell us something? And I believe that a lot of information exists in the ministers real life job, you could use that to possibly predict future directions and possible outcomes of the file that the said minister is now "running".
It appears in Ms. Wong's bio, that she has a Ph.D. in Instruction and Curriculum, from UBC and taught Entreprenwhoreship classes at Vancouver Community College otherwise known as Buffet 101. Is this a signal that to get your future Canada Old Age Pension checks, you will have to "be a man" and contribute to society as a Walmart greeter or bus boy at a Chinese buffet, until you drop dead? Just like in Hong Kong and China??   


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