Thursday, December 22, 2011

Supreme Court 2 - 'Harper Government' 0

How can despotism abide with honor?
Montesquieu, The Spirit Of The Laws, Book III, Section 8

I first heard the news when I turned to BNN to check the open, which I usually try to remember to do every trading day. Then came the banner announcement that the Supreme Court of Canada had struck down the proposed securities regulation legislation. Again it was unanimous against! (9-0) Even the recently salted Tory appointments to the court couldn't get the lipstick to stick on this pig. Now this is the second time this has happened! The first was of course the decision regarding safe injection sights in Vancouver.

The Supreme Court - Holding back the Darkness....

This is proof of the government that you tend to get when you can't even track down the high schools that ministers went to! Can you name them? This is the government that you get when you run a conservative dummy in a riding that contains a majority of voters dumber then the conservative candidate! And we all know that the 'Harper Government' comes mostly from the farthest back boonies. Of course you could hear the immediate grumbling about those damn courts and all that pesky judicial interference, and then it carries on to the old argument of who does the legislating in Canada? The Parliament or the damn courts? Well it seems until the 'Harper Government' can learn to read and listen to the help, it will continue to be the courts. And thank God and Pierre Trudeau for that!

Just as the Oracle of Ottawa was sitting down to the labour this latest blog entry, the headline for the CBC National news cast has just informed the merry blogger that Helena Guergis has just filed suite on the 'Harper Government' for defamation! And let this blogger be the first to inform you dear reader, that this is but the first of many such law suites that are going to spring up, and all along roughly the same lines. The dirty tricks squad
as I predicted will hit the wall at over 100 m.p.h.and the splatter is going to be fine and wide. The 'Harper Government' is going to get a ton of practice dealing with the courts, it would appear. How many do you figure they will settle like rats running across the tundra?

In closing it has come to the attention of the Oracle of Ottawa that coal is no longer being used by Santa Claus as a gift to those who been naughty in the year past. This is due to the simple fact that the Chinese have bought up all the known supplies! But don't even begin to think that naughty behavior is now not going to bring no punishment! The new gift for being on the naughty list is now much worse! In lieu of coal, all naughty persons will now receive one liter of the finest Alberta oil sand settling pond sludge! Yes, just a heads up, the two headed Tory members of Parliament will be turning up in the next 20 to 25 years... 

This brilliant Canadian is looking more brilliant each and every day! Lord he tried. Lord knows he tried....

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