Thursday, December 15, 2011

Peter Kent Really Is A Piece Of Shit!

Because they were virtuous, they were magnanimous; and because they were free, they had a contempt of power.
Montesquieu, The Spirit Of The Laws, Book VIII, Section 12 

It was in today's Question Period. About a quarter of the way way through...When the young and quickly rising Megan Leslie was performing her usual and always quite successful ping off of the hapless Peter Kent...of whom the Oracle of Ottawa had much to say about, why only just yesterday! The hapless Minister of the Environment was in his best and lowest form indeed, when he replied to a question from the young Ms. Leslie quipping it would have been nice had she been in Durban at the Climate conference! Well everyone knows that the reason Ms. Leslie was not in attendance was that the minister would not allow full representation, by refusing them seats on the empty government Airbus!

Justin Trudeau

The House exploded in cries of Shame! Shame! Save and except for the young Justin Trudeau, who was heard quite clearly on the tape to have exclaimed "OH, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" You to can check it out at CPAC yourself dear reader. The said bit of entertainment was not posted to You Tube at the time of this writing, alas... And it seemed to never have happened since it was not noticed by the young Speaker of the House, and if the Speaker didn't hear it, tape or no tape, it didn't happen...The sequence and identities were confirmed on the CBC National News cast at 10:00pm.

But it what is it that separates the likes of Peter Kent and Justin Trudeau? Well Dear Readers it is all quiet simple...Justin Trudeau can wet the panties, and Peter Kent never could...

In closing; can someone explain to me how this is "Value for Money?"

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