Thursday, December 15, 2011

Forty First Canadian Parliament - First Session - Summary

The method of rule of the tyrant and the oligarch is quite simply to clobber, coerce, or overawe all or most of these other groups in the interest of their own. 
Bernard Crick, In Defence Of Politics, p. 18

Well Dear Readers, it is all in and done. And the only thing the Oracle of Ottawa got wrong was the utter degree of the insane ideological intensity that the 'Harper Government' used to pursue the dismantling of the Canada that we have all have come to love. All the victories of our parents and grandparents are now under deconstruction. Do I sound hysterical now? Am I still an ungrounded "space cadet" now? Do you still feel that there is nothing to worry about? Still don't believe that there is no hidden agenda?

Anonymous? - Hell no! That's Justin Trudeau!!

If you check my very early posts that I posted before and just after the May election, you will discover that I even got the order of the destruction pretty much in exact sequence! And I am still severely pissed about the dismantling of the all Party subsidy, and the gutting of the Canadian Wheat Board. Never has so much been sold out so fast, by so few, of such low quality, for so little! The utter veracity of it all will be written about, and in not a forgiving fashion, for very many generations to come.

Even watching all the Question Periods, and I watched each and everyone, and the committees, which before I got really interested, I thought was just not humanly possible to do, and even though I watched from a far I could always sense that sulphur smell! And it was rich and acrid, from the deepest and lowest circle of hell...the basest level of the recesses of the mind of man... [[Editor: Damn! That was GREAT!!]]

But there was light. Even though the Opposition and the Third Party are in disarray and under interim leadership, the Oracle of Ottawa can only say they pulled together amazingly well and caused the 'Harper Government' to reach for the gun of Closure a record amount of times! If the 'Harper Government' policies were so perfect, just how come they couldn't convince a bunch of fluffy lefties? Yes indeed Bubba!

The blackest occasions the Oracle of Ottawa and the Canadian People will not soon forget or ever forgive. And the lowest low was the base attack of one of the greatest Canadian lawyers alive today; Irwin Cotler.It was poetry in jurisprudence to watch this little old man single handedly put the wrench and over 80 (?) amendments to the Omnibus Crime bill or as I call it, Patriot Act North. It was just brilliant watching this great mind close his eyes at committee and reel off the cases in the exact written order of the decision points! Damn!! That vision off brilliance will stay with the Oracle of Ottawa for ever. And the flushed angry faces of the Tory brain dead morons that with all the money and power on Earth, found that they could still not destroy the truth...

George Carlin on "The End Days"...

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