Monday, December 12, 2011

'Harper Government' - Lost: One Invsible Hand

In anarchy there is no automatic harmony.
Kenneth N. Waltz, Man, The State, And War, p. 160

The Oracle of Ottawa first heard of Peter Kents announcement of pulling Canada out of Kyoto at 5:27 Eastern Standard Time, on the BBC World News Service. It was not mentioned on a Canadian News service as best as I could tell until the CBC National news cast at 10:00 p.m.! Now, Dear Reader, that is a perfect display of the 'Harper Government' use of the new political information control! If you check out Minister Kents biography on Wikipedia you will soon discover, much to your amazement, what an utter moron the government of Canada deemed fit to send to an international conference! The guy essentially is a talking head (whore?) for hire! If any one knows what high school Minister Kent attended and /or possibly graduated from please update his Wikipedia article! The Oracle of Ottawa is just curious of such things...

Papa Fantino after Question Period...

This whole information control thing of the 'Harper Government' PMO is just getting totally out of hand. Do you remember Canada's golden age of the Trudeau years? How come at that time that even the lowest back bencher never required clearance from the Prime Ministers Office to speak about the Just Society? But alas, they don't call it the golden age for nothing! Never was there so much depth in the benches! The cabinet consisted of Canada's wisest men then living, and in retrospect, some of the wisest men that ever lived. The only reason that Steve Harper has to use total information control is that his cabinet and benchers are the saddest lot of hicks that has ever sat in power in the history of Canada! Who wants to remembered as the Prime Minister that created Hickism? Did the Oracle of Ottawa just invent a new paradigm?

Question Period was an utter hoot today! And the Tory's are trying to get everyone to believe that Question Period is staged! Well, if you watched today, you would have been soon and completely disavowed of that howler of a notion! It was utter carnage. And the Tory's looked ever more like the hicks they truly are! Especially Papa Fantino, who on answering the Opposition questions on the train wreck F-35 started to resemble a pill hyped jack-in-the-box! But the real joy of the day is the apparent absence of  the "shits and giggles" demeanor of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Finance Minister wee Jimmy Flaherty. Especially on rising to his seat and answering the question of why the last tax revenue figures have not been released. Wee Jimmy just couldn't admit that the tax revenue stream has just crashed through the floor! People who have turtled and those that have been rudely terminated don't pay income taxes! And as he rose you see that he was experiencing a tightness in the chest and what seemed to be a constriction of the throat. Wee Jimmy found the Invisible Hand!

As a Canadian and a human being, doesn't this just make you proud?

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