Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Canada - The Last Hundred Days

We are wont to dispute concerning the nature of mathematical points, but seldom concerning the nature of their ideas.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, p. 38 

Well, the omnibus crime bill has passed Second Reading, warts, mistakes and all. Joe Comartin continued to speak against all the errors, all by himself, no doubt for the record and for the next election. Jason Kenney, was looking all Washington as he kept spouting about the first hundred days of the Tory administration, and the promise to get this train wreck, piece of shit legislation, down the throats of the House and then down the throats of the Senate. In reality it is all but a done deal.

Rob "The Knob" Nicholson...

What Jason Kenney is rushing to fulfill in the "first hundred days" is to many Canadians, with an I.Q. greater than a houseplant, is in reality, the last one hundred days of Canada. Now the Oracle of Ottawa is no legal scholar, but even I could see, in very large print, the future problems that are going to come from this train wreck piece of American cloned shit law! So to are the Conservatives! And much sooner than you or they they think! I will give just one example...

The so called sex-offenders registry, looks like it will name the said offenders in full. The Conservatives were warned about this. But it will all bite home when for some weird reason it gets hung up in the Senate. The PMO will rant and rave. The Senate will not pass it. They will do every thing in their extensive power to stop it. Possibly it will pass. Then when some NDP back bencher in Question Period calls up some mouth breathing Tory back bench hick with the news that his cousin "Wilbur" from Ducks Ass Alberta is on the kiddy diddler list, it will all become quite clear that a mistake was made. It should be a real hoot. Wait for it...

This gets it all just about right, no?

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