Saturday, September 24, 2011

Joe Comartin And The Clear Righteous Fight

Nothing is more admirable, than the readiness, with which the imagination suggests its ideas, and presents them at the very instant, in which they become necessary and useful.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, p. 24

You cannot call a piece of legislation a "reform" if it makes things worse. Such is the uphill task of Joe Comartin as he fights against the new insane Conservative "Omnibus Crime Bill". Like an Old Testament Prophet standing on a sand dune, with the poise and calm of an early Christian Saint on prozac, old Joe has been a delight to behold. With impeccable logic and cold mastery of the facts he stands to his place and daily shreds the pathetic excuse of what the Canadian people are stuck with for a Justice Minister in the person of one Rob Nicholson.

California State Prison - Do you want this in Canada?

The funniest part of the debate was when Joe calmly all but called the Minister of Justice a shit lawyer. The hapless and / or stupid Rob didn't even get it, well not until he was long out of the House for the day! One can only surmise that the only reason that Rob is the present Justice Minister is that he was starving as a lawyer!
And being a Queens graduate; well, that ensures membership to the Ivory Tower mafia. The nickels will keep on coming until at least the next election.

Joe continually hammered at some answers for some pretty basic questions. Such as how much do you think this will cost? No answer. The Conservative morons don't have a clue to the increased cost of their folly, all they know is that they are going to get it passed before Jesus comes again and the ambassador from you know where comes calling again for bagels and warm beer. Joe asks if the brainac Minister is aware that the Americans have tried the same thing and that even they could not afford it! (10.8 billion dollars per year in California!! 2008-2009) And are now in the process of repealing the insane legislation! Stony silence, it seems that Conservative Ministers Of Justice don't have to know how to read...

Six tiny plants will get you ten years under the new legislation! You will not need judges at all if this goes through! And we all know how the Tory's hate judges...Since every crime will carry a minimum sentence, circumstance will longer be entertained. If Rob can't make it as a lawyer, sure as hell no one else will! You got to wonder what is the real purpose of this trash bill?

The real purpose of this bill is to smash the social and economic symmetry of the Canadian nation state. It is part of the Tory hidden agenda of the New World Order as layed out in and by the Bilderberg Group directives. The end solution being making the world a level playing field. That is making first world countries eventually the same as third world countries. It is all as simple as that!!

I think Joe Comartin will make a fine Justice Minister, don't you??

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