Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is Vic Toews Senile?

All punishment being in itself evil, upon the principle of utility, if it ought at all to be admitted,  in as far as it promises to exclude some greater evil.
Jeremy Bentham, The Rationale Of Punishment, Book I, Chapter IV, p. 63

Vic Toews is currently the Minister of Public Safety, in the present Harper government. Today the "Omnibus Crime Bill" has been introduced in the House of Commons. All the cabinet members were therefore out doing the media rounds...Some ministers are better at this then others. Minister Toews caught the CRFA call to spread the word..on Michael Harris Live at about 1:45 - 2:00 p.m.. The Oracle of Ottawa was driving at the time and therefore caught the conversation accidentally.

Elizabeth Fry - "Criminal Lover..."
The bits I caught were about all the "criminal lovers" in Canada. The likes of such nefarious organizations as the Canadian Bar Association and that real evil bunch of criminal lovers the John Howard Society!! Upon regaining control of the car, I pondered how often in the past I have heard a Minister of the Crown besmirch his own professional body. For the life of me I cannot think of another example.

John Howard  - "Criminal Lover..."

Of course this is exactly what the Oracle of Ottawa predicted in many earlier posts to this blog. This is the first and biggest step into converting Canada into a penal colony suitable for the administration of the "New World Order" Brought to you by the neo-liberal agenda of the Bilderberg Group. No can say that they were not warned.

I was somewhat gratified that I was not overreacting to this great piece of disaster legislation. The CBC, the "State Broadcaster" replayed several times a clip of a spokesman from the Elizabeth Fry Society commenting that if these methods of preventing crime worked so well, then the United States Of America should be the safest place on Earth! In fact the United States is listed in The Worlds Most Dangerous Places (Fifth edition!) as one of the 26 most dangerous places on earth. I suppose the present Conservative Government thinks that the Americans are lonely...

Well, we should all be grateful that the Conservative Government of Canada is totally free of bias and is not under the control of any powerful foreign political lobbies... Whew...

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