Sunday, September 11, 2011

The 'Harper Government' Goes Dim Some

It began in images and it ended in symbolism.
B. W. Powe, Mystic Trudeau - The Fire And The Rose, p. 160

It was all over before the "user" pressed "Send-All." This situation is as ugly as watching a family of Chinese peasants eating noodles with sticks in their kitchen! We can all surmise with confidence exceeding 95%, nineteen times out of twenty, that that nice Richard Fadden man was not blowing smoke from his bung hole after all! The only thing that has the Oracle of Ottawa in a tizzy is that ole Bob Dechert went for such an ugly mutt! But the Oracle of Ottawa knows that all the prime Chinese ass is being dedicated to the very important Ottawa subway contract! If you have anything to do with that, you can get a shot at the prime booty...other wise you will have to wait your turn for well, more homely booty...

Who the Hell is really driving??

Mr. Dechert, according to the Globe & Mail Saturday September 10, 2011, met the said homely peasant, Shi Rong (She Wrong...) while doing "Chinese media-language communications(?)" Can you imagine the questions at the Senate Hearing into the matter? Mr. Dechert, did you discover that there is a Chinese character for the letter "Y" in the Chinese language, and further more, did you eat of the fruit there of?

These Chinese are sooo twisted...Just like Tories!

Meanwhile at home, poor Ruth is practicing the cheek puff-up, but Bob declares that it just isn't the same.. But Ruth responds that She Wrong doesn't have to do it with a PVC gas mask on with hand-cuffs... Fair enough!! No doubt legal advice is being sought for those aggrieved. The only time the Oracle of Ottawa signed a letter or E-mail; Love The Oracle of Ottawa, I was most certainly doing the bitch!! And the pathology of Ole Bob getting off on the cheek puff up thing smacks of sentinent asphyxia issues... But what do expect from Tories?

Again, I say this man is super right! And this recent incident proves it to this 'umble blogger! My tax dollars well spent! Now in really think She Wrongs ex-husband hacked her e-mail account? He is no doubt back in China with a head full of three penis wine and a teenager in brides maid dress, relieved  never to have to gaze upon the homely visage of She Wrong ever again.  The Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects that CSIS has many strange and frightening ways to say; "Can You Hear Me Now??" Tory back benchers should take note...

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