Sunday, September 25, 2011

John W. Moffat - God Wrote Back!?

Experimentalists dream of some spectacular discovery such as proof of the existence of black holes to justify the more than eight billion dollars it has cost to build the LHC.
John W. Moffat, Reinventing Gravity, p. 88

Life is sometimes so ironic that it is painful. When I first heard on the BBC News that the OPERA experiment may have detected muon nuetrinos traveling faster than the speed of light, guess which book I had in my lap? John W. Moffats Reinventing Gravity!! You just can't make this stuff up. This is the second time I believe that this has happened. Each time it was fudged over in my humble opinion! I call the LHC, the Hardon Collider! Save for the two accidental measurements at over the speed of light, and that very scary accidental creation of microscopic blackholes that just scared the shit out of everybody, this thing is really built for and exists not to prove anything but it is rather a monument to the imperialism of Big Physics.

Lets get back to the basics?

Cosmology has been dead to me since the death of Fred Hoyle. And just who happened to be John W. Moffats doctoral advisor? Yep, Fred Hoyle! Who is going to proved out to have the greatest sense of smell since Einstein? Fred Hoyle and John W. Moffat!! It seems in retrospect that the absolute power hard-on of building atomic weapons corrupted the whole science. And it is still continuing to suffer from it... It appears to me that all the right answers have been around and ignored for years! The solutions are not what is being sought but the next cycle of budgeting! Find something that sounds sexy, that can neither be proved or disproved and you are on your way! Gravity wave detectors anyone??

Inflation itself proceeds at a speed faster than the measured speed of light.
So says John W. Moffat on page 102 of Reinventing Gravity. For some reason this makes perfect sense to me! The reason I say this is I have just recently read Kip S. Thornes book "Black Holes & Time Warps". Now the one part of the book that really stayed with me is the part where he went and found all the early papers by Einstein and had them translated into English and then read them himself. While at the the Chapters flag store in Ottawa recently I saw a book of the complete early papers by Einstein in English! And the jacket stated that this was the first time that this had been undertaken! Well! I dipped in and I could not believe that the whole world was turned over by such elegant and straight forward papers. You could drop a lot of them on high school students and they would get it, or at least most of it! Another guy that was like this was Georg Cantor. 
M31 - Infra-red

So with regards to John W. Moffats VSL (Variable Speed of Light) theory let us go back to the basics? Energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. Let us solve for the speed of light. The speed of light will be equal to the square root of the energy divided by the mass. Let us now set the Universe to t = 0. We essentially have at this point of time infinite energy with an infinitesimal amount of mass... So what is going to be the speed of light at t = 0 + one infinitesimal increment? (Damn fast!!)  The speed of light from t = 0 at the beginning of the universe simply a logarithmic function!! An ultimate display of Benfords Law! As we step out from t = 0 at the "beginning" of the universe and more mass "materializes" the speed of light will rapidly come to a stable value. Over the life of the universe as energy depletes and mass accretes, the speed of light will continue to slow down ever so slowly...The only question left to ask now is which Universe Cycle are we presently in?

A little background, sniff, sniff... Do you smell a Nobel??

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