Monday, September 12, 2011

The 'Harper Government' Leans On Blogger

Behind their fluffy rhetoric about free trade and free markets lurks a hostility toward freedom for ordinary people - and a love affair with police and prisons.
David McNally, Another World Is Possible, p. 52 

It must be a great challenge to provide communication services to a political party that would rather have no need for any communications at all. On August 30, 2011 our fearless prime minister Steve Harper, (owned and paid for buy the Canadian people...) and his wife, clad no doubt in their best outfits from Walmart, dined with the United States ambassador to Canada David Jacobson and his Misses, Julie, at the ambassadors residence..(owned and paid for by the American people...) The dinner was prepared by Ottawa chef Steph Legari a barbecue specialist. Now the Oracle of Ottawa knows that Americans know their barbecue and for this Ottawa chef to cook for the United States Ambassador to Canada, well, you have 'arrived'.

Ambassador David Jacobson

Of course pictures were taken. The chef with the two "power couples". In Ottawa, pictures are taken to be seen! And the Oracle of Ottawa is pretty sure it was no skin off David Jacobsons back! Who ever heard of a nice Democrat that didn't like to get his picture taken, especially while having a good time? He appears in his photos and in his writings as one hell of a gregarious, warm guy. And he still hasn't stuffed even one of his feet in his mouth yet! Unlike the guy before him, that required a Marine 24/7 with a shoe horn. And that poor marine, as we all know in Ottawa, got lots of exercise with that shoe horn....

Resistance is Futile...

The chef passed the photos on to one Ron Eade food editor at the Ottawa Citizen. Being the craftsman that he is he posted the menu, the pictures, and no doubt a fine written description of the evening. Next thing you know Mr. Eade is being contacted by one Andrew MacDougall from the Prime Ministers Office with a rather firm request for the said journalist to kindly remove the blog post! Well of course that did not happen. And one can only hope that the said actor from the PMO will shortly have a one way ticket to Ducks Ass Alberta from whence he no doubt came.

As this story hit the front page of the Thursday Ottawa Citizen one can safely surmise that there is one very pissed American Ambassador! And he has every right to be miffed! And the Canadian people should be miffed also! We to have been severely dissed by this also.This simply does not reflect the character of the Canadian people at any time!!

Of course the golden age for food and social editors in Ottawa were the Trudeau years! Woo Hoo! If there was a spread anywhere and the pictures and story was not in the next days paper someone from the PMO had some serious 'splaining to do the next day! But alas, the Oracle of Ottawa is confusing yesterday with today again, sigh....

See? Wasn't telling a lie. Now we all know that this man has a job to do, but the Ambassador is a hell of a decent, thoughtful and respectful guy. I wonder how many pictures were taken at this barbecue??

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