Saturday, September 17, 2011

JoeFresh - Not Very Pretty

Sacrificing our human potential in exchange for money warps and deforms all parts of our lives.
David McNally, Another World Is Possible, p. 83

The Oracle of Ottawa has to watch so much crap on television today. Usually he lets it all slip off and by, but on occasions, the breaking point is reached and enough is enough. Today's breaking point has been brought to the Oracle of Ottawa by the appearance of the very offensive JoeFresh ads that are constantly bombarding the Oracles screen as of late. These offensive little productions are brought to by one Joe Mimran, a recent zero generation "Canadian".

This is a "hot" look??

My main beef, aside from the utter crap of the design, is the anorexic models. I thought this was dealt with, why in most EU countries now you can't have models appear in public that are as thin as a JoeFresh girl! 
Every time I see one of these poor things I think, what are the odds that if I sex with this poor thing, that I would literally split in her in half? Really, it keeps me up at night... I mean Jesus, when you can see the depressions in there skulls, that really creeps me out!

The other main and much more serious beef I have with the crap JoeFresh ads is the rip-off of a cultural icon from my youth! (There were no white Biafren girls in Canada in 1972!) The song by David Bowie entitled "Oh You Pretty Things" is from another age and time, when there were hardly any Morrocans in Canada at all, anywhere... And yes, in a lot of respects, those were the days!! I can only hope that David Bowie is making ole Joe pay through the nose for the honor of besmirching this great song...You are paying the royalties aren't you??

Ole Joe might be a great bean counter, a great "marketer", a veritable huckster of Allah proportions... But I would really like it if he wired his money out of my country, flashed up his private jet and pissed off back to where ever he came soon as possible.

Here is the earliest recording of the David Bowie classic...."Oh You Pretty Things"...David Bowies article ranks 588 out of 37.5 million articles on Wikipedia... JoeFresh? Not so high....

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