Thursday, September 8, 2011

Canada And The Slow Death Of The Greater Common Good

Nor is there requir'd such profound knowledge to discover the present imperfect condition of the sciences, but even the rabble without doors may judge from the noise and clamour, which they hear, that all goes not well within. 
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, Introduction, p. xvii-xviii

Even the most ordinary people have the basest talent of recognizing greatness. For example when you are first introduced to the works and proofs of Euclid in primary school you know that if you live to be one hundred years old Euclid will no doubt still be a very famous figure of western civilization. And then onto high school, when, you are introduced to the Great Empiricists and the Utilitarians, the greatest of which was Jeremy Bentham, the guy that coined the famous phrase "The greatest good for the greatest number..." and "Everybody to count for one, and nobody for more than one..." You would think that there would be no possible way in your lifetime that such a pillar thought of our society could ever possibly fade from the good sense of all men. But alas if you are a member of the present day Conservative Party of Canada or an elected member of Ottawa City Council that is all just crazy talk!

Jeremy Bentham

That greatest common good crap is for losers and liberals. Political power is not for the greater good but rather the good feeling of your hob nailed boots crushing the faces of the week and defenseless forever. Although you are elected to power what good is it if you don't make something out of it for your self? And that crap about "office" and responsibility what a joke!! Your only responsibility today is don't get caught out and make sure the minions of the back bench don't give the real playbook away! Although it has been explained a million times that government is not a business, and especially not the incumbents business, you continue to see the bloated corrupted flotsam acting as if they had the rights of proprietorship!

Pierre Elliot Trudeau
 On or about the 19th of September the 41st Canadian Parliament will continue. The barbarians are expecting a truly easy time of it. You can expect the armouries of Walmart and Canadian Tire to be finally busted open, probably as soon as the new year. The attack on our core institutions will continue apace. The first contracted out "super max" prison location will be eagerly awaited by the most deserving Conservative back bencher... Then I suspect it will be on to the abolition of the Senate...This will be no doubt very interesting... The curse of Thomas D'Arcy McGee has already struck once and firmly, and each time it is invoked it will rise up and strike out even harder and more harshly.

It is said of Western Philosophy that everything after Plato is just footnotes. Well in all reality the same could be said for the deeply set constitutional safe guards and protections of the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights... The question is in reality how close will the brain dead Tories approach the horizon of this political black hole?

The right wing neo-liberal discipline and the Bilderberg Group agenda soon to continue....

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