Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Charlie Angus Decides to Stay Free Range

When history moves - really moves, that is - it does so in great convulsive jolts.
David McNally, Another World Is Possible, p. 13

One of the greatest pleasures of watching Question Period in recent times is to see the faces of all the Conservatives turn to a sickening ashen gray when Charlie Angus rises in his place and kicks off another scandalous session of close and often embarrassing, but always entertaining grilling. Why if it wasn't always so wild and raucous I am sure you would be able to hear all one hundred and sixty six Tory assholes snapping shut, all at the same time .. Well okay, one hundred and sixty five, there is one minister on the front bench who's asshole would snap open and wink at the handsome Charlie... But of course that is another blog post for the future..(or not...)

Charlie Angus - Staying Free Range...

It would have been an absolute shame if Charlie Angus would have decided to run for the NDP party leadership job. And it was with great relief that the Oracle of Ottawa heard the news that Charlie has put any such speculations to rest. Now Question Period will never be boring! While the rest of the leadership hopefuls pull back as to protect themselves from making any gaffs. The front liners such as Charlie Angus, Yvon Godin  and all the rest of the gang will, I am sure, pick up the slack. The new crop of youngsters are coming along very well and several great talents will no doubt emerge.

Go With The Buick!!

The NDP has a big decision to make in the near future. It is starting to look like a classic purchase decision. It is a lot like the guy that wins a little money at the Lottery. He has enough to lease the Porsche or to buy the Buick. Now in this case the Porsche  is being represented by Brian Topp, The Buick is being represented by Paul Dewar. Now a Porsche is really cool and all and it goes like snot done a frozen razor blade! But, alas, the engine will come out of the car for the first time usually around 60,000km... The Oracle has seen Buicks with nearly 500,000km on them and the engine has never been gone into for any reason...You can drive them until the body rusts through...What the Oracle of Ottawa is saying is that the the rank and file of the NDP have got to do their homework!! And by that I mean that you must check out the health condition and  health histories of your leadership candidates!

Can you say; Aus Motor??

A guy that at the age of 51 years or there abouts that is already a cancer survivor is and should be out of the running. Investigate family trees, does the candidate come from long lived genetic stock? i.e. How long did the candidates parents live? And their parents? Hence my liking for Paul Dewar.. Did you know that there is a Commanders medical in the Royal Canadian Navy? To get your third ring and your own command of a Canadian warship all the Executive officers must pass the Commanders medical. It consists of mostly a very detailed heart check. One weird looking pattern and or beat and your future Naval career is over. That is hard but that is life at the level of the "show"... Choose carefully, I just can't go through what I went through this summer ever again in this lifetime... Go with the freaking Buick!!!

Classic Charlie Angus; shit kicking the be'jesus out of the barely there Conservatives...

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