Tuesday, August 11, 2015

T'was The Night Before Nigel...

To think an object and to cognize an object are by no means the same thing.
Immanuel Kant, Critique Of Pure Reason, First Edition - 1781, p. 84

Old Steve Harper, of the circling the bowl 'Harper Government', must sure be confident of his future as he departs to the Northern vote rich environs of Walrus Arse Inlet. You would think Dear Reader, that if he was telling the truth he would surely be available in Ottawa after the testimony of Nigel S. Wright to state that;  "there you are, just like I said, nothing to look at here sheeple, move along now".
Senator Mike Duffy - Captain Canada?
 But here we are into Day Ten of the 2015 Canadian Federal Election Campaign, and the sitting Prime Minister of the day has evacuated to the endless frozen wastes of the Canadian tundra! The last that the Oracle of Ottawa has heard it is really not a very vote rich environment. Perhaps the Great Man has gone up North to confer with Franklin's ghost. Perhaps to avoid Kathleen Wynne, it is for the historians to decide deep into the future.

One can only wonder what Senator Mike Duffy has in store. As far as the Oracle of Ottawa can tell he has all but single handedly brought down the 'Harper Government'. Tomorrow and the next few days are just the coup de grace, so to speak, the final kill shot. The Oracle certainly hopes that Mike's lawyer will question deeply of all those close connections to the Bilderberg Group. It will be then a mere romp for the young Justin Trudeau to 24 Sussex Drive.

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