Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Vindication Of Senator Mike Duffy

"and if anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile."
Matthew 5:41, NRSV - Augmented Third Study Edition.

Day Twelve of the 2015 Canadian Federal Election continues with the second day of the testimony of Nigel S. Wright at the fraudulent fraud trial of Senator Mike Duffy. It is rapidly becoming apparent to this humble blogger that the mighty Duffster will indeed live to sit in the Senate another day, and not just one day but the whole bunch until he is 75 years old and must retire.

Senator Duffy
The gist of the testimony seems to be that Nigel came to the conclusion that the mighty Duffster, upon a close perusal of the rules indeed committed no actual offense. But to solve the problem with the skidmarks of the Conservative Party Purity Committee out in Duck's Ass Alberta Nigel just cut the chump change check out of his own pocket to finally shut every one up.

 He also knew that Senator Mike Duffy would be put under the bus, and this was very unpopular with most of the seasoned hands, and Nigel himself.  This could have been the reason that Nigel cut the check. It was a stealth move that would allow revenge on the perfidy of the evil 'Harper Government' down the road right around election time, which is just what is indeed happening. That Nigel is damn clever. 

It is clear even more clear now that Senator Mike Duffy was a manufactured 'crisis' from beginning to end. He was to create the final Senate 'crisis' that would be the footing of the 'Harper Government' to diddle with the Canadian Constitution. But alas due to the protective curse of D'Arcy McGee, Canada has and will survive another day...

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