Sunday, August 16, 2015

Harper Campaign - Not Exactly On Fire

That which cannot be conceived through anything else must be conceived through itself.
Spinoza Ethics, Part I, Axiom II.

One thing that the Oracle of Ottawa has learned over his many seasoned years of existence is that you should under no circumstances play ugly power games with people that you think are much less powerful then yourself. Sooner or later you are sure to run into someone with a bit more depth and reserve than you could have ever possibly conceived.

A bubbly Stephen Harper with enthused supporters...

We all remember very well that very nasty set up of Minister Peter what his name, when one of Harper's minions forced him to catch a commandeered Canadian Forces search and rescue helicopter to be a at a certain government event on time, and then reported it secretly to the press to watch the Minister twist in the wind. No doubt from and under the orders of the 'Boss'.

A Nigel Wright check...

Then along came Nigel S. Wright. Ray and the 'Boss' thought that the Senator Mike Duffy appointment/ set up, would surely smear up the young boy wonder Nigel... Talk about a fatal error! Everyone knew that Nigel was loaded. No old lady, and going to church a lot, is very conducive to a very high income retention rate. He just cut the check out of pocket, mere chump change used to silence the chumps, but at the same time it was all very much like planting a claymore mine  as you retreat, to have it go off by remote control long after you are gone. Again the Oracle of Ottawa marvels at the cold calculating steel cleverness of the Nigel. Damn that was good and it looks intentional.

 Meanwhile on Day Fifteen of the 2015 Canadian Federal Election Campaign the Oracle of Ottawa can help but notice how the 'Harper Government' campaign is truly starting to resemble the last and very last Tim Hudak campaign. The Oracle has included a picture of the 'Boss' and all his enthused prisoners, or rather supporters.  The press questions are also getting pretty awkward also, especially the one that asks the 'Boss' why he did not fire Ray? What a hoot! Did J. Edgar ever fire Clyde Tolson? Maybe they should ask Mrs. Harper what she thinks?

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