Monday, August 3, 2015

The Blossomng Of Justin Trudeau

We see things around us change, arise and pass away; they or their condition, must therefore have a cause.
Immanuel Kant, Critique Of Pure Reason, First Edition-1781, p. 330

Politics is a lot like pure bred horse racing or world class track and field. You can pretty much tell the outcome of the event by the mysterious quality of what horse handicappers call form. And the election that was kicked off yesterday for Canada's 42 Parliament is and will be further truth and confirmation of the mystery of form.

Justin Trudeau - Hits The Ground Running.
It was while watching the At Issue Panel on Sunday night that the Oracle of Ottawa heard the best news of the year so far. The word has gotten out that the young Justin had a drag out, no holds barred,
flat out brawl with the spin doctors and the fart catchers. Justin won. The fart catchers and spin doctors are locked up in a room, in a basement, somewhere in Ottawa, until the end of the election. The Oracle of Ottawa has been convinced that spread among the little bastards in short pants were several planted spies from the PMO of the evil 'Harper Government'.

The end results are included in the above news footage, just as the Oracle of Ottawa saw it in his secure bunker, somewhere in Ottawa South. Gone was the girlish choirboy vocal fry. Justin Trudeau's balls have finally dropped! Everything is possible now, anything can be won, everything will be done. And he took questions, not just five questions, with no supplementals, Justin answered all their questions until there were no more questions... The Oracle of Ottawa can't help but observe that the young Justin has the natural stump knack, he just really loves it, Thoughts of Obama and Clinton could not be escaped.

Meanwhile, several hours earlier, Angry Tom Mulcair held the weirdest campaign launch that the Oracle of Ottawa has ever witnessed in his life so far. There is no video of it on You Tube 24 hours latter. There were no questions at all, even worse than Harper!! Everyone in Ottawa was scratching their heads and asking "What the fuck was that?".  The more I watch this opportunistic actor the more I am beginning to worry about the actual future of the NDP at the Federal level. It was the most Stalinist political event the Oracle of Ottawa has ever observed in his life.

Last and least is a video clip from the evil ole Steve Harper of the soon to be defunct ' Harper Government'. It was all so creepy and eerie that the Oracle of Ottawa was convinced that Darth Vader himself would appear through the doors at any moment. There were five pre vented questions allowed, with no supplementals. What kind of democracy do you call that? You can tell from the body language that Harper just hates campaigning. You should look at his first appearance in Mount Royal latter in the day. He is afraid of the people. He is thinking and greatly afraid that someone will actually know what he has truly in store for the ordinary Canadians and that they will suddenly turn on him and string him up while the security helps with the noose! He apparently has that dream a lot...  

At the time of this writing it is only Day 2 of the great marathon. Justin Trudeau was really kicking up the excitement in Steve Harper's Calgary riding! Angry Tom Mulcair was no where to be found. NDP officials stated that he was preparing for the Thursday debate. The Oracle of Ottawa has heard the rumor that he is actually at Stornaway in an induced coma, under going a Geritol drip to get him on his feet for Thursday....The campaign continues.

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