Saturday, August 29, 2015

Stephen Harper And The Curse Of Thomas D'Arcy McGee

Everything we did was done in form and with propriety, and the result of our proceedings is the document [the Quebec Resolutions] that has been submitted to the imperial government as well as to this house and which we speak of here as a treaty. And that there may be no doubt about our position in regard to that document we say, question it you may, reject it you may, or accept it you may, but alter it you may not.
Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Legislative Assembly, February 9, 1865

Ever since the start of the 2015 Canadian General Election there has been noticed by many in the vicinity of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, deep in the night, the persistent sound of a wolf howling. The tourist guide trots claim that is a lone example of Canis Lycaon that has drifted down from Algonquin Park to the edge of the city limits of the City of Ottawa.
Thomas D'Arcy McGee
 Of course the old hands of Ottawa and the Hill are having none of it. They know their Canadian history. They know that the sound of the persistent mournful howling is from no wolf of this earth. It is the ghost of Thomas D'Arcy McGee. And he has come from the other side to enforce his all powerful curse to destroy and render to waste any and all who dare to change the Canadian Constitution.

Considered by many of the youngsters in the present Canadian Press Gallery to be merely a legend to scare back benchers, women and children, the older more seasoned hands keep a respectful silence, and are getting very prepared to cover one of the biggest up coming political blowouts in Canadian history. They remember all too well the Charlottetown Accord and the ensuing political meltdown. 

 You can really feel the presence of Thomas D'Arcy McGee as you walk down Sparks Street deep into the night of all times when the very existence and safety of Canada is in any question. You might want to stop in front of the location of Thomas's old rooming house. It is marked with a Heritage Canada bronze marker. It is located just outside the doors that now lead to the Ontario Superior Court. That alone is pretty creepy isn't it?

 It is not even past Labour Day yet, but anyone with half a brain can see that the 'Harper Government' is circling the toilet bowl of rack and ruin. The Trudeau campaign continues to gain energy with each passing day. The long forgotten rakes with long handles that were left in the grass of recent Canadian political history are being discovered daily by the Harper campaign as the handles plant themselves firmly in the face of the 'Boss' at the press scrums. Kory The Tory appears to hardly able to stem the tide...

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