Saturday, August 15, 2015

'Harper Government' - Fading Fast?

Whatsoever is, is in God
Spinoza, Ethics, Part 1, Proposition XXIX, Proof.

It is Day Fourteen of the Canadian 2015 Federal General Election campaign. The Oracle of Ottawa was hoping to post day by day, but the revelations down at the Elgin Street Courthouse of the Senator Mike Duffy trial provided by Nigel S. Wright under the gentle supportive coaxing of Donald Bayne provided so much overwhelming information that the Oracle of Ottawa had to take a twenty four hour sabbatical.

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 As the Oracle of Ottawa conjectured right at the time of the breaking of the Senate Scandal, Senator Mike Duffy was used, abused and discarded. This was all done on purpose to create a constitutional scandal or 'crisis' whereby Steve Harper would try to get through the expulsion of the Senate and be one more step closer to the dreamed of Bild, if you follow the Oracles drift.

It has all gone so horribly wrong, hasn't it? Although we are only getting started into the revelations, Fridays testimony has unearthed some rather earth shaking implications that go so far to explaining the perverse S&M patterns of the 'Harper Government' over the last ten years. The most creepy was the repeated mentioning of the name Ray Novak. And the story early Saturday morning on CTV News World of Ray's apartment over the garage at 24 Sussex Drive, so he could be close to the 'Boss', had my significant other completely grossed out. And it seems that this has been going on for ever so long. There will no doubt be more to follow Monday coming. The Oracle of Ottawa certainly hopes that his literary constitution can stand the strain.

The included video for this post contains another interesting snack for thought, and that is that the whole right wing wrecking crew machine of the 'Harper Government' have long ago lost the ability to employ the standard concepts of ethics at any level, the whole lot is totally amoral. They can't even tell right from wrong anymore, and they couldn't care less who knows it or their opinion of it. And it seems that the old Jimmy Moore purity pledge is no longer in force at the CBC. Rex Murphy is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile on the campaign trail, the Harper events look like a media roundup in a Soviet gulag. Even the spawn has been trotted out like dead Kennedy's in a near last ditch hope to stop the free fall. You can tell the blue collar props of the Harper media events are not very enthused to say the very least. Especially when you compare them to the very lively and electric events of Justin Trudeau. The Conservative War Room is considering already to go to Defcon 3, or as they say on Nato communication circuits, level yellow....

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