Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Nigel S. Wright Shocker

Many things we affirm and deny, because the nature of worlds allows us to do so, though the nature of things does not. While we remain unaware of this fact, we may easily mistake falsehood for truth.
Benedict de Spinoza, Of the Improvement Of The Understanding.

It was not what Nigel Wright said today down at the Elgin Street courthouse here in Ottawa that was shocking. It was the way he looked, that floored the Oracle of Ottawa. The man has gone completely grey in about a year, and the major bald spots cannot be hidden. For someone that has nothing to worry about it sure is weird.

Nigel S. Wright - Before Duffy
 It must have been tough to be the Goyim Sweet Jesus of M&A on Bay Street and give all that up to help pilot the 'Harper Government' evil empire. Sort of like Mother Theresa leaving Calcutta to join the CIA to do water boarding at an undisclosed location. When you are fortunate enough to be head and shoulders above all that surround you, you really should be more careful who you decide to hang out with. 
Nigel S. Wright - After Duffy....
 Meanwhile the Oracle of Ottawa was also very struck by the appearance of Senator Mike Duffy as he arrived to court today. He looked the picture of health, all radiant and blooming, there does not seem to be much weighing upon him as he looks forward to the cross examination.

It is all very strange if you read Nigels biography on Wikipedia, that just happens to be fully cited, and of which I have provided a link to. Much to the Oracle of Ottawa's surprise the brilliant Nigel was not born with the silver spoon in his mouth. He was adopted? I damn near fell over. He was a love child and of no ordinary genetic stock. Again gaze upon the "before " picture and note the bearing and posture. The Oracle of Ottawa was struck by a theory of such explosive immensity that not even the Oracle of Ottawa will dare to touch... And so it goes on Day Eleven of the Canadian 2015 General Election.

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