Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Stephen Harper Starts Job Search

Virtue and wisdom in their perfect purity, are ideas.
Immanuel Kant, Critique Of Pure Reason, First Edition-1781, p. 319

We all knew in Ottawa that the next election was going to very awkward, to say the least, for ole Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government'. The whole front row has long since bailed and unlike the past, there were no more willing people to step up. Well actually, there are so many bodies under the ideological bus that the rubber is no longer physically able to touch the road. And yes, it smells pretty bad too.

No caption required....

But all these first campaign stops are really weird, they are all in industrial settings, with the nearly great man getting his hands on, as best as his ten thumbs will allow. The warm bodies in the background look as if they have been unwillingly rounded up, and you can see it on their faces quiet easily, they are not amused. The whole thing has the atmosphere of a wake of some distant relative that you never really knew very well, but lunch might be served....It seems that the Prime Minister is using these last days to scope out future job opportunities, and making announcements that will make his transition to civilian life somewhat easier.

 I did not believe at first when I heard it, but the rumor in Ottawa is that Mrs. Harper has already rented the largest U-Haul van she could get and by Sunday morning last, she had it all hand loaded and ready to go back to Calgary. It is hidden away behind 24 Sussex Drive, not to upset the neighbors...

 Now contrast this to the first Justin Trudeau stops. Damn! They are packed. You can actually tell that the people really want to be there, to be part of history. Some young females seem to be having "overheating" issues standing so close to the comely Next One. (See video below..at 1:39) And the Oracle of Ottawa must admit, that when he see's the young Justin Trudeau in full flight, it makes the Oracle of Ottawa feel so many years younger, and brings back very many memories of the first Just Society that was sired by his father.

 Although it is only day three of the 2015 campaign you can already see who the winner is going to be. Not even the Oracle of Ottawa thought it would jell up so quickly. And the NDP, what the hell are they on? Where are the supporters? Where is the excitement? And so it goes. 

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