Saturday, August 8, 2015

Donald Trump - Hillary's Secret Weapon?

Then we may think of envy as the propensity to view with hostility the greater good of others even though their being more fortunate than we are does not detract from our advantages.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, First Edition - 1971, p. 532

It was a very quiet Day Seven in the 2015 Canadian Federal General Election. It seems that Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' has run out of gas already! And the Sometimes Angry Tom Mulcair of the NDP can't really want it that bad if he wasn't out flipping burgers and kissing babies on a Saturday. Therefore Justin Trudeau got in a double workout and yet some more sparring and bag down at the boxing club, silently wondering about the quality of the wimps that are presently running Canada, and especially those others that aspire to run it.

Donald Trump - Hillary's secret weapon?

Therefore the Oracle of Ottawa has some slack time to ponder some other matters of political gravity south of the border. It was with with total wonderment that the Oracle of Ottawa has been wondering about Donald Trump's run for the Republican Presidential Nomination. Why would the 133rd richest man in the United States of America even want to rub up against the present utter lowlife of the Republican Party? And even weirder than that, why would a claimed, "died" in the wool, 'winger' ever give a cent, let alone a very chunky cash contribution to the Clinton Foundation?

Sometimes life and the actions of it make no sense. Sometimes it is a very good idea to just let it go and go for a nice scenic drive, to lie low at these uncertain times, is a great lesson that the Oracle of Ottawa learned from reading the great Doctor, Hunter S. Thompson. Then the news came on the car radio at the top of the hour on CBC 1, and of course the latest antics of the Donald are even all the rage, even up here in Canada! Then there was that bit that he gave a huge donation to the Clinton Foundation, and that Hillary and Bill attended his last wedding! And that he has even spoken to Slippery Bill on the phone in the friendliest of ways. Damn. Then it all came to me in an orgasmic flash, (just about...). The Donald is running a false flag operation for Hillary's run for President!

You don't need the Oracle of Ottawa to tell you about the dynamics and utter weirdness, not to mention the many tangled webs of the interactions of the Republican Presidential Nomination. Just by showing up and saying whatever comes into his head at the moment, the Donald is sure to totally wrench the works, with the end result that the ultimate outcome of the painful process will be the best possible candidate, say Ted Cruz for instance... Donald Trump is freaking brilliant, and the Oracle of Ottawa has got to admit to a new found respect for the combed over man.

 Even your average Canadian knows that the President of the United States has many and various powers of office. The President has many appointments to make and they are at the "soul" and individual discretion of the President of the day. So what is the price that the Donald extracted? The Oracle of Ottawa can not help think that the Donald would love to try diplomacy! I know that that is totally insane, but just wait for it. It is all in the mold of the past. Just like Shirley Temple Black and Joe Kennedy, at some point in the most successful life there starts that gnawing to give back, to try something new, for possibly the greater good of possibly the whole planet Earth. And yes the Donald is human after all.  

The Oracle of Ottawa is figuring that the Donald will want an ambassadorship. But where? Maybe Russia? Picture this people; The Donald has been appointed American Ambassador to Russia! It is somewhere deep in the Kremlin complex in Moscow, the function of welcoming the new Ambassador of the United States is just about to commence. The Donald steps forward to President Putin and presents his credentials in the age old ritual, save and except that as the Donald hands over the envelope, he does not bow, but rather points his finger right into Putins face and yells Your Fired!!

As the Oracle of Ottawa was returning from a very warm family function, prior to the time of this writing, that spanned at least three generations and of members aged 19 days to over 90 years the Oracle of Ottawa just happened to hear the news that some one called Megyn Kelly is the new Republican favorite for the Nomination...How hormonal is that?
I can only wonder if Moscow can ever possibly get ready in time....

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