Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Harper Campaign Gone Hudak

But we should not despair. Time is on our side. The incompetence of late twentieth century capitalism works for us. 
C. B. Macpherson, The Rise And Fall Of Economic Justice And Other Essays, p. 54

It is only Day Seventeen of the 2015 Canadian Federal Election. And what happened today, the Oracle of Ottawa did not expect to start happening until after Labour Day at the earliest. But you just cant make this stuff up. The Oracle of Ottawa first saw the insane clip of a Tory supporter going mental this morning, just as it happened, on CTV Newsworld, and the Oracle of Ottawa could only conclude that the Harper Campaign has gone Hudak.  It is official folks...
Stephen Harper with more captive supporters...
 The Tory War Room claims that all guests at Harper Events and photo ops are vetted. But it continues to appear to the Oracle of Ottawa that they are either prisoners or poor hapless captive employees of some rich Conservative donor. The optics are as terrible as they are actually truthful. One more term of Harper in power and we will all be slaves of the corporate whores.

 Meanwhile at the Elgin Street Court House in Ottawa there are more explosions of revelation going off at the Senator Mike Duffy trial than explosions in a mine field being crossed by a herd of sheep. The media news cycle can hardly keep up with it all. And more and more names just keep coming up over and over. It is rumored that the Conservative War Room had to order another hundred square yards of black curtains to hide all the soon to guilty as charged while they attend the Bosses events!

The day got even more fun and enjoyable when CBC's Power And Politics came on at 5:00 p.m. You know that the Conservatives have all but thrown in the towel when all they can send is Rick 'The Mummy' Anderson  to represent the 'Harper Government'. And he was mocked and laughed at such that the Oracle of Ottawa has never before witnessed. Michelle Rempel also made an appearance - sort of - she appeared so "tranqed" that she was barely recognizable. All this and we have only just started. Oy!

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