Friday, August 7, 2015

Justin Trudeau - Seemed Ready to Me

Many physical powers, which evidence their existence by their effects, are perfectly inscrutable in their nature; they elude all our powers of observation.
Immanuel Kant, Critique Of Pure Reason, First Edition - 1781, p. 343

It is all in and all done, and it was astounding. You could tell Justin was hitting it all just right when at about twenty minutes in to the debate ole Steve Harper's pig eyes where down to the diameter of a micro dot.  It was like Tim Hudak with hair. The rumor in Ottawa is that at about this time all the operatives in the Conservative War Room were all turning around in very small circles wailing and gnashing of teeth, as if they had one foot nailed to the floor. But never the less, the Oracle of Ottawa could swear he could hear all the beavers across Canada cumming in their fur...
Justin Trudeau - 1973, always an unpredictable handful...
 But it got all much stranger in the second look earlier this morning by Craig Oliver, who straight out gave the young Justin the debaters prize, all around. It was at this time that his earphone seemed to go off very loudly as the director totally freaked out in a rage. It has been that kind of a day.

 The 'Harper Government' road show made the essential fine tunings by having a small photo op staged with some of the more attractive rich donors at the site of what clearly appeared to be public housing!? The Oracle of Ottawa is still trying to decode the message.
It appears already that team Harper is in no great rush to debate Justin Trudeau in the future, possible further events are being kept some what vague in tone, fact and intention. But you can watch the whole event again on You Tube. At the time of this writing it has been up for only twenty hours and only about 176,000 people have watched it! According to the Conservative talking heads, no body is interested.  And so it goes at the end of Day Six.

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