Monday, August 10, 2015

'Harper Government' - Just Tim Hudak With Hair?

All ignorance is either ignorance of things, or the limits of knowledge. 
Immanuel Kant, Critique Of Pure Reason, First Edition - 1781, p. 425

It is Day Nine of the Canadian Federal Election of 2015. Game on. The Oracle of Ottawa was hoping to post everyday, but yesterday the news of the 'Harper Government' proposed travel restriction law, which the Oracle of Ottawa first heard on the 6:00p.m. news on CBC1 sent him into a bit of serious depression. The first person that the Oracle of Ottawa thought of was his barber in Orleans, Ontario that goes home to the Middle East every year to visit his Blessed Mother who is of very advanced years. You can see right away how insane political babbling for media share can be to a modern political campaign. 

Premier Kathleen Wynne - Chasing Harper across the tundra...

The minions of the 'Harper Government' still have not defined the sweep of this lead zepplin at the time of this writing. Will it cover all the world? Or only the Middle East? Will it cover the homeland of  Steve Harper's favorite buddies, which I dare not name? And what about the Charter implications?

Late last night the Oracle of Ottawa had a great realization that lifted his spirits greatly. And that is that the 2015 Federal General Election is starting to look a lot like the last Ontario Provincial Election! You remember that don't you? Tim Hudak was going to complete the Conservative trifecta, it was all going to be a slam dunk. The NDP under Andrea Horvath had the possibility of power in the palm of her hand. And in true NDP fashion she made sure that she promptly shot herself in both feet.

And we all remember how Chain Gang Tim Hudaks events flopped one after the other. From first to last, proving that he was not built to last. It was the biggest tidal wave swamping of the Conservatives in the history of Ontario, wasn't it? The Oracle of Ottawa can not but help to notice the matching of likeness of the events.

Then there is that big bad Duffy trial that is on again on Wednesday of this week! Will the Nigel spill his guts? Did he cut a deal? Will the words Bilderberg Group come up? And if so in what capacity? The Canadian Federal Election of 2015 could all but be over by next weekend! And wouldn't it be fetching if Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' had to testify in a criminal trial, while in office? Even better, when in office, in the middle of an election campaign! That would be history indeed, and pretty well explains why Justin Trudeau does not look very worried. 

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