Thursday, August 6, 2015

Debate Anxeity

In a well ordered society individuals acquire claims to a share of the social product by doing certain things encouraged by the existing arrangements.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, First Edition-1971, p. 313

At Day Five of the 2015 Canadian General Election campaign, the Oracle of Ottawa was quiet surprised that the young Justin Trudeau was up, out and at 'em on the campaign trail. The lunch time news was full of new video, unscripted excited joy. The Oracle of Ottawa is still totally amazed at this and very gratified. Then came the sparring video later in the day. And the Oracle of Ottawa was very impressed indeed. And in my humble opinion, a very good shrewd move. If you have it flaunt it....

Justin Trudeau - Great leaders are the focus of great loyalty...
  Meanwhile the NDP and the old Angry Tom Mulcair had yet another creepy Stalinist set piece photo op, right out of the standard procedure handbook of the 'Harper Government'. What is he trying to prove? Ottawa is no place for shaky old men, a sharp old man yes, but not shaky old men. And the least he could do is put the good looking ones up front. I am still bewildered at what is trying to achieved at these creepy antics.

 Weirdly missing in action today was any footage from the Conservative campaign of the tired 'Harper Government'. I can only guess that old Steve Harper was still studying. Or perhaps he had an accident, when the tower of briefing books tipped over onto him, which was the rumor in the coffee circles of Ottawa, but everything turned out all right, Joe Oliver had him dug out in about an hour and a half.  

 At the time of this writing the first debate is about 30 minutes in. the significant other has excitedly informed me that Liz May is totally hauling ass, and Justin ' Not Ready' Trudeau has old Steve Harper down to micro dot pig eyes! Damn!! I didn't see this coming...

The low life 'Harper Government' attack ads state that Justin Trudeau is just not ready, well Dear Reader, he looks god damned ready to me. And unlike that pig Harper he can show up to when the chips are down...But it appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that the young Justin's chips are marching to higher ground.

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