Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The First Great Debate Hush

The reason you get into politics is because you don't want to be governed by people less good than yourself.
Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Press Scrum, December 14, 1978

At Day Four of the Canadian 2015 Federal Election all is quiet on the hustings. All 338 of them. The party planes and buses are parked and under going mini bar refills, and visual maintenance checks. The arduous chore of chipping off the gum of journalists, fart catchers, spin doctors and handlers assorted, from under the seats will continue deep into the night. And of course, all Conservative vehicles will get two coats of F'Breeze... 

Justin Trudeau - working up the debate face...

It is quieter in the political news cycle then the main street of Fort MacMurray with oil at 45.00 dollars a barrel. It is debate prep day. Now the first Canadian political debate is on the same day and I believe the same time as the first Republican candidates debate in the United States! Now we all know that Steve Harper won't be able to compete with Donald Trump! Now Dear Reader, you know why he has chosen to show up for this debate.

I don't have to tell you who the snake is do I?

The Oracle of Ottawa does not put much hold or value on candidates debates. They are now so scripted and over spun that it is much more fun to watch paint dry. Although I am looking forward to the clips of Liz May tearing huge strips of flesh off of Harper, as she does every chance she gets. And Angry Tom Mulcair will get some shit kicking in for sure, as he always does. Which all means in the end that Justin Trudeau won't be able to get a word in edge wise. All he has to do is look handsome and Prime Ministerial.
It is being widely reported in the old style vulgar commercial media that the Trudeau campaign is off to a roaring start, as the Oracle of Ottawa demonstrated in earlier posts. The minions of the 'Harper Government' have already started the Dead Babies mailing campaign. It is really early this election. They must be really anxious out West. And the Oracle of Ottawa predicts that the Trudeau train will continue to gain speed at an ever increasing rate...and is not likely to jump the tracks or dump any toxic cargo.... 

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