Friday, May 31, 2013

Mike Duffy - Leveraging Grade Seven

Logic must look after itself.
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus, 5.473

The mines are still going off, as the chunks of sheep meat fall from the air to detonate even more mines, it truly is like watching a herd of sheep cross a mine field. The latest round of revelations in the Mike Duffy affair went off around 4:00 p.m. today. It seems someone from possibly the Prime Ministers Office has slipped a ton of e-mails under the reporters door at the CBC. Of course it was on the airwaves in short notice.
The Puffster...

The Oracle of Ottawa is still amazed that all the power of the Conservative Party of Canada and its minions and its bottomless financial power, all painstakingly built by the best educated and predatory minds of our society is going to brought down to rack and ruin by a spud headed midget with grade seven! The Oracle of Ottawa is guessing grade seven, one more year than Jethro Bodine had from the Beverly Hillbillies. It all boggles the mind to even ponder the paradox of it all.

The Oracle of Ottawa finds it full and ironic that the whole 'Harper Government' is going to fall from the hapless screw ups of just one person from Canada's Maritime area of chronic underachievement, as old Steve Harper has put it in the past. The utter insane irony of it all. Just look at all the wreckage so far Dear Reader. Nigel Wright, the gee whiz whiz kid, the strapping shaker and mover of Bay Street, gadzillion-aire, Trinity College meets Bud The Spud, and it was no contest...

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