Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Is The 'Harper Government' Just Plain Criminal?

Perhaps we may not wish to harm men, but shall not want to have any more to do with them than we can help.
Immanuel Kant, Theory And Practice, Chapter III

It was anything but shit and giggles in the House of Commons today Dear Reader. The usual little Chinese cheerleader that sits directly behind Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' did not have her happy peasant face on as per routine.  Pierre "Little Polly" Poilievre at the ripe old age of 33 years is starting to turn grey, and it is already even visible through his hair cum. The Oracle of Ottawa figures that soon his hair will be as white as the party whips, who at the time of this writing, is over eighty years old.

Steve Vader - Circles the bowl...

 Poor Little Polly knows that his bullshit yapping during the last few weeks in the defense of the recently jettisoned Nigel S. Wright and the erstwhile Senators were in reality the making of the leading attack ads that the Liberals will be getting a ton of mileage out of in the next general election. The Oracle of Ottawa is certain that the young Ryan Keon has been recently in his garage cleaning off his campaign signs. The Oracle of Ottawa knows that the little Straussian is slipping his mental clutch plates when he refers to Democracy Watch as a partisan organization! 

Meanwhile, members of the local vulgar TV media are making pieces whereby they are chasing the psychotic Nigel through the streets of the Glebe at 4:00 a.m.! It is all so bizarre! It must be dawning on him about now that his meteoric trip to the top is all but in, over and done. Soon, no doubt, he will have to report to his other masters. The Oracle of Ottawa suggests that Nigel just ponder what Jesus would have felt, sans the nails of course. But of course there is the upside, at least he won't have to wait eight weeks for his first unemployment check.

Now the Oracle of Ottawa must relate that the Prime Minister did not get man handled in the House today as per the stories of the vulgar media, it was a lot worse. He was stomped and bitch slapped like a crack head whore that was a quarter short for her last rock. It was all quite a spectacle that the Oracle of Ottawa quite enjoyed. And the gayest pink tie that the Oracle has ever seen in recent memory didn't help one bit.  

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