Sunday, May 5, 2013

The 'Harper Government' Trade Union Paradox

In a generation of swine, the one-eyed pig is king.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine, p. 148

It has been a source of utter amazement and perplexity to the Oracle of Ottawa of the 'Harper Government''s pathological hatred of trade unions. Surely the party of Family Values and self help and overall independence of big government would endorse wholeheartedly the working classes getting together to take care of themselves? Why in Canada it has been legal forever. Geez, the 'Harper Government' hangs out with the corporate whores and all the assorted lobbyists 24/7, what ever could the problem really be?

'Harper Government' attempts to raise Jimmy from the dead...

We have all heard, many more times than once, how the so called right wing revolution that is apparently going on in Canada at the present, according to great scholars such as Preston Manning, who could possibly get all excited about a few thousand blue collar types getting to together to form their own self help groups! If the ideology of the Preston Manning Duck's Ass, Alberta revolution is so awesome, surely it would be an easy sell to the dirty handers, no? And the chrome domed eminence of Steve Harper himself surely is telling the truth when he says he wants Canadians to get on and up the social and economic ladder, no?

The early trial balloon was floated on the CBC National evening news tonight. It all started with a clip of the ever greasy and repulsive Pierre "Little Polly" Poilievre  going on about "Big Union Bosses" from stock footage. Complete with hair cum to the saturation level, and oozing pierogi sweat. It was probably huge back in Ducks Ass, Alberta. But the Oracle of Ottawa soon realized that Little Polly is sweating out of total fear of kicking off the first Canada wide General Strike since the Great Depression. Not the the 2008 one, but rather the 1929 one, yeah, thanks.

The 'Harper Government' is getting ready to bring up the big guns of the right wing revolution with the legislation that will weaken the right of collective bargaining in all Canadian Crown Corporations, that is of course buried deep in another omnibus budget bill. The Oracle of Ottawa can only suspect that they are not proud of it either.

What goes around, comes around. And we as working people are due for another great labour leader again.
Wouldn't it be ironic that it will probably be the 'Harper Government' that will clear the way for the "next one"? Happy one hundredth birthday Jimmy, wherever you are!!

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