Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Justin Trudeau Clears His Head

Tyranny is the co-operation of parasite and host; no tyrant maintains himself by force, but by trading on his victims fears. 
Northrop Frye, Fearful Symmetry, p. 60

It seems that in light of a storm of recent events, contrary to Conservative Party of Canada attack ads, that stated  that the young Justin Trudeau was in way over his head, the youngster can certainly claim that his head is way above the water line as of late, compared to the shit wave that has and is now swamping the imperial shit majesty of the 'Harper Government'.

Justin Trudeau - Well above the waterline...

 It was at lunch time today that the Oracle of Ottawa first heard of the shocking new revelations concerning one Senator Mike 'The Puffster' Duffy. It seems that he didn't pay back the $90,000 he claimed as bogus housing expenses, it has now been revealed that one Nigel Wright, once right bower at Onex Corporation and now at the Prime Ministers Office as Chief of Staff, cut the paltry sum from his own pocket to aid the Puffster in his time of need. Of course Steve Harper, of the 'Harper Government' knew nothing of the matter. Of course. The Senate ethics commissioner  has of a sudden taken great interest in the matter, due to that pesky rule that states that when a Senator receives a gift or gratuity greater than $500.00 a report of the said circumstances must be filed with the said ethics commissioner. It seemsthat, at the time of this writing, that the Senate ethics commissioner is still waiting.

Senator Mike Duffy - Flush twice...
 Then there is that matter of that shocking by(e) election result out in Labrador, where one 'Harper Government' cabinet minister got his dirty corrupt ass kicked all the way back to his Igloo, no doubt never to return to the Canadian political scene. It seemed the visits of the young Justin Trudeau wet more than enough panties, to throw the result to the Liberals favor. Even most of the men sheepishly admitted that the aura of the young next one made them feel somewhat tingly also, and that it was good, since they now had something in common with the wife again!  

 But perhaps the greatest disaster to hit the 'Harper Government' of late is the untimely demise of one of its most important ideological fathers and creator of the Canada's swing to the right forever. The sudden departure of Senator Doug Finley came to the Oracle of Ottawa as a great sign that there truly is a God, and he never voted Conservative. One can only guess how long Minister Dianne Finley will be able to carry on by herself, making her own decisions, the Oracle of Ottawa gives her 90 days max. The human resources minister that couldn't run a three man muster to a four man shitter will be gone like she never even happened.

Mean while somewhere in Ottawa at this very moment, Mrs. Trudeau is no doubt already going through the color swatches and fabric catalogs, preparing for the soon to happen massive renovation at 24 Sussex Drive when the next government of the Just Society takes office for the next twenty years....  

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