Thursday, May 23, 2013

'Harper Government' - Halcyon Days Pissed Away

We are in for some fast weeks in the passing lane.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine, p.147

What ever could the bond underwriters and credit raters think of Canada and Toronto now? Can we really think that we will get that same AAA credit rating after the events of these days in May? Would you loan money to a city run by a crackhead? Would you buy a bond issue of a nation state that is run by a cabinet that contains grade school drop-outs and takes it's orders from agents of secret societies?

'Harper Government' - Just about...
 Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' thought it would all be such an easy walk through the garden. After all, Canadians don't really care about such things. Why the leftist elites couldn't care less. Well Dear Reader, if you saw the zoo that was called Question period today, the 'Harper Government' can disavow themselves of such delusions in the future.  The diehard talking heads pandering for the 'Harper Government' just can't seem to talk this one down. The harder they pedal, the worse the said and assorted scandals get. Like the Oracle of Ottawa has observed in previous postings, it is all like watching a herd of sheep crossing a mine field. And the world looks on with a horrid fascination, that they cannot wrench their gaze from.

The Oracle of Ottawa wonders what Preston Manning thinks of his Canadian right wing revolution now? The lights at the Preston Manning Center For Democracy must be burning late into the evening, with the feverish running of focus groups ordered by the high priests of conservative purity out of Duck's Ass, Alberta. The operating theater has been shut down that provided the new conservative candidates with their lobotomies, until further notice.  It all started out with such promise. The strong conservative majority was stolen, nothing lay in the way to converting Canada into a right wing police state, the Bilderberg Group goal of goals. What could go wrong?

It has been said by many writers more awesome than the Oracle of Ottawa that all revolutions eat their own. In Canada we are only just past the entre, and the knuckle draggers are all starting to check out their neighbours. Guys like Jason Kenny, John Baird, and James Moore must be starting to get nervous. In their present bulky nervous states, they would look great on a platter with garnish and an apple in their mouths. 
But at the end of the day you can always blame the party whip, The Oracle of Ottawa gives him thirty days max.

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