Monday, May 6, 2013

If Terry Milewski Is A Trotskyite?

Many were croaked and few were chosen.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation Of Swine, p. 184

Terry Milewski is one of Canada's most beloved journalists in the employ of Canada's state broadcaster, the world famous and much respected CBC. If you are in the unfortunate profession of politics, and are stupid enough that you can even think that you might be able to hide something down your rabbit hole, Terry Milewski will out you in a heart beat. That is what Terry Milewski does, regardless of which party you represent, and that is the mandate of the great CBC. The Oracle of Ottawa greatly admires at how his tax dollars are spent by "subsidizing" the CBC.

Terry Milewski
 Recently Terry dug up another 'Harper Government' screw up concerning an absolute oversight in the numbers concerning the mundane topic of certain proposed Arctic patrol vessels. It seems that under the administration of the 'Harper Government' it is going to cost the people of Canada over 250 million dollars just to do up the plans for the said patrol vessels. Terry reported on the National, the cross Canada news broadcast,that Denmark managed not only to design the vessel, but also manged to build and complete two of them, and for less than half of the Canadian "design" cost! And we all know that Denmark has one of the highest union membership rates in the world at the time of this writing. Contrary to the mouth pieces of the 'Harper Government' those wicked lefties in Scandinavia certainly have their shit together compared to the right wing knuckle draggers from Duck's Ass, Alberta!

Yo! Chris!! - Sieg Heil!!
 But as per usual in conservative screw ups, it all gets worse.While being interviewed about the afore mentioned revelations one Chris Alexander completely lost it and called and / or implied that Terry Milewski is an old Trotskyite! Now comparing that to being called a Conservative, I am sure Terry didn't mind, and the Oracle  of Ottawa would take it as a compliment. But the shocking nut of the matter is that Chris Alexander went to McGill University, the Harvard of the north, the finest school in Canada. Then he ruined it all by getting an M.A. degree in Politics - Philosophy - Economics (PPE) at Balloil College, Oxford! The Oracle of Ottawa has heard that all graduates get an immediate woodie on, as soon as they see a picture of Margaret Thatcher. So what does that make Chris Alexander? 

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