Thursday, May 16, 2013

'Harper Government' - Bilderberg Group Wired In?

There are many rooms in the mansion, and weirdness governs in most of them.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine, p. 47

When the Oracle of Ottawa started writing this blog he often made references to such things as the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati and the New World Order with tongue in cheek. The Oracle of Ottawa considered them as jokes for children and people living under tinfoil hats. Well Dear Reader, the Oracle of Ottawa is no longer laughing. It has all dawned on the Oracle of Ottawa after writing last nights piece. The highest office in the land of Canada has been infiltrated by the Bilderberg Group at a distance of no more than two arms length.

Bilderberg Hotel
 Ottawa as of late has been reeling under a Senate scandal. We all know the names. It all blew wide open ever so gradually. One Senator Mike Duffy was found to owe $90,000.00 in false living expenses. Then very recently, he claimed to have paid off the tab, and the Prime Ministers Office stated that was the end of the matter. Then it was discovered that on Nigel S. Wright, now Chief of Staff in the Prime Ministers Office,  formally of Onex Corporation cut the check from his own personal account, because he was so fond of the Puffster Senator. The only problem being that the Ethics Commissioner became very interested, since an in office Senator cannot accept gifts of over $500.00 from any one, and that includes the Prime Ministers Office. 

So lets follow the chain Dear Reader. Nigel S. Wright is on "loan" from the Onex Corporation to the Prime Ministers Office of the nation state of Canada. The Onex Corporation is owned by one Gerry Schwartz who at the time of this writing has 67.7% of the voting shares. Gerry Schwartz is presently married to one Heather Reisman, who at the time of this writing is the Chief Executive Officer of Indigo Books and Music, which just so happens to also contain ownership of the huge Chapters Books chain. Which is all but a monopoly of the retail book distribution system in Canada.

But if one reads deep down into Heather Reismans Wikipedia article, one will soon discover that the robber baron housewife has some other little jobs on the side. She is on the steering committee of the dreaded Bilderberg Group. And if you have the time you can check on You Tube for videos of her coming and going from said meetings. All very embarrassing to us tax paying Canadians to discover that the Bilderberg Group is hard wired right into the Prime Ministers Office of Canada. 

But surely it is a screw up of errors, isn't it? But alas, the Oracle of Ottawa must remind the Dear Reader that all of the 'Harper Government' is micro managed by the principal(s) of the 'Harper Government'. There is nothing left to chance. It is the Oracle of Ottawa's greatest fear that the said Senator(s) are nothing but stooges that have been set up by the 'Harper Government' and it's little helpers, to foment a grave Canadian Constitutional crises, which over the lull of the summer could be arranged in to a reverse coup de grace. You heard it here first. Tomorrows news today...  Where in heavens name was the vulgar old style media on this one?

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