Tuesday, May 7, 2013

'Harper Government' - Attack Ad Shit Backs Up!

It has gone from the Best and Brightest to the Worst and Meanest.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine, p. 178

All the party faithful of the Liberal Party of Canada know now that they have picked the right leader in the personage of one Justin Trudeau. You know you have the right guy when not even Conservative Party of Canada attack ads simply don't register. You know you have the right guy when your arch enemy runs the attack ads and their own numbers fall and the target numbers rise! And according to the old style vulgar media newspapers out this morning, that is exactly what is happening Dear Reader.

Justin Trudeau - Attack Ad Teflon...
 And you know that you have the right leader in Justin Trudeau when his Wickipedia article has over 137,000 hits in the last thirty days, and the sitting Prime Minister of Canada on Steve Harper has only about 83,000 hits in the last thirty days! (At the time of this writing...) The lads in the Prime Ministers Office know from right now that is all but over save for the election that is going to be coming sooner than later. Soon it will be down to calling the movers and booking the bus tickets, one way, back to Duck's Ass, Alberta.

For sure you know you have the right leader of the Liberal Party of Canada when your boy is just too sexy for his shirt, weather it is on or not. And the most important thing is when Justin Trudeau actually emanates hope and more of everything instead of sucking your lifeblood and actually trying to guide you to accept the WASP values of less. Yeah. You are no doubt finding out by now how much that actually sucks.

But the absolute clincher is when Justin Trudeau has attracted the sitting Prime Ministers wife as a fan!

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